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Priesthood Organization

Created for Gospel Principles: Lesson 14 Sunday School Lesson for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Kristi Bonkemeyer

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Priesthood Organization

Priesthood Organization Two Divisions Aaronic Melchizedek Lesser Priesthood
Preparatory Priesthood Greater Priesthood
Holy Order, after the Order of the Son of God Offices Deacon Teacher Priest Bishop Up to 12 deacons in a quorum.
President called by Bishop from Quorum.
Age 12 Up to 24 teachers in a quorum.
President called by Bishop from quorum.
Age 14 Up to 48 priests in a quorum.
Presided over by Bishop.
Age 16 Pass the Sacrament Keep Church buildings/grounds in good order Messenger for priesthood leaders Fullfill special assignments
-->collect fast offerings Duties All duties, rights, and powers of deacon Help Church members live the commandments
-->Home teachers
-->Teach through the scriptures Ordain other priets, teachers, and deacons Prepare the Sacrament All duties, right, and powers of deacons and teachers Administer Sacrament Take charge of meetings
-->When Melchizedek Priesthood holder is absent May baptize President of priests quorum Preside over Aaronic Priesthood
in a ward Ordained a high priest Deals with temporal matters
administering finances
administering records
directing care for poor and needy Interviews members for:
Temple recommends
Priesthood ordinations
etc. Offices Elder High Priest Patriarch Seventy Apostle Up to 96 Elders in a quorum.
President called by Stake President. Duties Teach, expound, exhort, baptize, watch over the Church. Bestow the gift of the Holy Ghost Administer to the sick.
Bless little children. Include all high priests within boundaries.
Stake President is quorum president. Duties Officiate in Church.
Administer spiritual things.
Ordained by General Authorities or stake presidencies.
Also a high priest. Duties Give patriarchal blessings to Church members Especial witnesses of Jesus Christ
to the world.
Seven presidents Duties Assist in building up, regulating Church Special witnesses of Jesus Christ
to the world.
Holds ALL priesthood keys
-->Only President exercises all keys
Set apart my Quorum of the Twelve Duties Administer Church affairs worldwide
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