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Location 2

No description

aaliyah coburn

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Location 2

Sexual orientation and gender.
Should schools be teaching about sexual orientation early on?

Does the media have a positive or negative influence on public opinion?

Are gender differences within schools equaling out?

sexual orientation & media

Gender Differences
in Educational

Gender Roles
Gender roles can be explained in many ways.
There is some objective evidence between differences between genders e.g. women score lower in science and maths.
Gay marrige and education
start: 2:12...end: 2:39
how did he feel about broadcasting his sexuality?

how did society view this?
However there is still a high amount of 10,001 people who disliked this video. Although this is still a large percentage, the majority have accepted Tom Dayley's feelings and sexuality.
A staggering 191, 819 people liked this video.
social reactions


I have used examples of real tweets, however due to ethics i have made sure photos and names cannot be seen during this section of the presentation.

good reactions
Sexual Orientation Interview
Tell us about your Primary School experiences in terms of homosexuality
And your Secondary School experiences?
What about in your Further Education?
How does that compare to your experiences here at university?
He seemed quite reluctant to tell society that he fell in love with a man. Why is this?

Facial expressions- he seemed quite shocked himself/ doubting and questioning his feelings by his tone of voice.

He knew that part of society would portray him in a negative way therefore he felt it to be compulsory to tell society before anyone else could.

It seems that Tom is broadcasting for acceptance. It shows that society isn't completely accepting therefore some people feel pressured to tell others of their choices and hope for understanding and support. However as most of you are probably aware there are still individuals that disagree with this choice no matter what the circumstances are.

questions raised
- Why did Tom feel like he had to make a video about his personal life?
- Does he feel that if he doesn't he will create a bad image?
- Why does he care what others think about his sexuality?
- Does this mean that homosexuality isnt quite the norm in society?
- Does Tom think this? is that why he had to explain himself?
Videos like this wouldn't have to be made if everyone was accepting of an individuals sexual orientation.

People are becoming conscious about other peoples thoughts so feel the need to explain their actions.

Reference List
Gender differences in Educational Outcomes:

Guardian (2014) has claimed that maybe the girls are being failed.

“too much obedience won't serve our daughters well later in life”

“It could turn out that some of those 18-year-old young men who have decided not to continue into the rather depressing world of modern higher education could be making a bold decision to get going in the jobs market. Let the good girls sit in overcrowded lecture halls – with their heads down”
Gender differences in Educational Outcomes:

Teachers and pupils views are the factors impacting achievement
Pure stereo-type that boys underachieve.
Match girls in maths and science (DCSF,2009)
Under-achieve in English
Less masculine?
Simply struggle
Informal chats
Challenge the views
Focus on parts that may deem challenging
Provide support

Did you feel like you could talk to teachers or other people at school about it?
Is separating pupils
into different
classes based upon their gender a good idea?
Streaming: good idea or not?
Deprives kids of equal opportunities (Bonner, 2012)

Promotes gender stereotypes, not break them down

Been suggested that social class has a greater impact (DFES, 2007)

Lack of social skills with the opposite sex

Enables you to adjust your lessons to different gender needs

Can enhance confidence

Seems to impact girls in relation to better grades

Healthy competition between girl and boy classes
Media reactions
Gender differences in educational outcomes
Gender and culture
Gay marriage and education
Gender and teaching
Here are some views about

What are your opinions on
is said?
"Some say that schools
are female-oriented places and that boys need more attention"

(Intercultural development research association ,2002)

"..currently for women, the ladders are
rapidly disappearing as the snakes on the
board multiply"

(Guardian, 2014)

Gender and teachers
Tom asked for support in which he received from a large number of people...

Here are a selection of positive Tweets:
From one extreme to another, here are a selection of tweets from individuals who didn't quite favor Tom's way of life...
Bad reactions
1- Emily's

Reference list 1
Reference list 2
Reference list 3
Reference list 4
Reference list:
Reference list 6
Intercultural development research association (2002) Emerging Gender Issues in Education [online]. Available from: http://www.idra.org/IDRA_Newsletter/May_2002_Self_Renewing_Schools_Technology/Emerging_Gender_Issues_in_Education/. [accessed: 13 February 2014]
The Observer (Sunday 19 January 2014) Gender inequality: for society to thrive, women must thrive. The Guardian. [online] Available from: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jan/19/observer-editorial-gender-equality-women [accessed: 14 February 2014]
Benn, M. (Friday 31 January 2014) The Education Gender Gap is bad for Girls as well as Boys. The Guardian. [online] Available from: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jan/31/education-gender-gap-girls-schools-university [accessed: 14 February 2014]
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Bonner, J L & Hollingsworth, H. (7 August 2012) Single Sex Classes Popular As More Public Schools Split Up Boys And Girls. Huffington Post [online] Available from: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/08/more-public-schools-split_0_n_1657505.html [accessed: 15 February 2014]
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Debate.org (2014) Do you send your children to a single sex school (or do you plan to) why or why not? [online] Available from: http://www.debate.org/opinions/do-you-send-your-children-to-a-single-sex-school-or-do-you-plan-to-why-or-why-not. [accessed: 16 February 2014]

Carter, V. (2007). If I had a hundred mummies. Pennsylvania State University, Onlywomen.
Biology argument - suggests we are predetermined to behave in certain ways.

E.g. women are physically weaker than men, men are more orientated towards actions whereas woman are more verbal.
Culture argument - suggests we learn gender appropriate behaviours from those around us.

e.g. women are weak because of thousands of years of evolution in which they did not perform tasks as physically demanding as men.
Traveller Culture
In 2002, 66% of Travellers were educated to Primary level only.
Due to the fact that Traveller women are expected to marry and have children at a young age, many Traveller girls education ends between 13-14
After puberty, there is a pressure on girls to stay at home to avoid mainstream culture. The result is relatively low literacy rates in adults.
Education is a strong indicator of equality and traditionally priority is given to males.
In Relation to Education
Within universities, girls have a lower enrollment rate and a higher drop out rate, due to discrimination, socio-economic barriers and differing expectations.
Women are often given specific domestic or agricultural tasks, all taught from an early age. Therefore, education to parents may seem a waste of time, thus restricting their choices.
Factors such as...

1- Culture
2- Religion
3- Upbringing
4- Past experiences
5- Peer groups/Sub-cultures

Will have an impact on the amount of acceptance individuals show to others.
Although there is still discrimination surrounding sexual orientation- acceptance has come a long way. Geoghegan (2008) looked at how media allowed the first homosexual kiss on Eastenders in 1987.

Shortly after broadcasting there was a social uproar. However there has been more and more positive media coverage for sexual orientation in which society has began to accept.

Positive media coverage will allow more children to become more accepting.
- Parents have a big role on children's views/morals- they are mostly responsible to how their children act towards others.

Emphasising the importance of equality within the education system

Primary education
Is it wrong?
what others think
What others think
'Officials at the Home Office and the Department for Education concede that teachers may be under a legal obligation to inform children about same-sex marriage once it has passed into law.'
(Chapman, 2 July 2012)

'Take a few moments and look closely in to the eyes of a five year old child. Is it honestly appropriate to encourage children to experiment with their sexual identity at such a young age? you may not think same sex marriage will affect you, but you're wrong, it will affect you and most importantly it will affect the children . We have no right to experiment with their destiny'
( Staver 2004 p.47)

Divulgate (2011)
The proposed plan for Primary education
Teachers who refuse because of their religious beliefs could face disciplinary action.
It is unclear how faith schools would deal with these changes.
Parents who object to gay marriage being taught to their children would also have no right to withdraw their child from lessons
The new regulations will outlaw
discrimination on the grounds of sexual
orientation in many areas of life, including education in state and independent schools.
Mathew D. Staver (2004). Same-sex marrige. United states of America: B&H publishing group. p.47.

Chapman. J (2nd july 2012) Schools could be made to teach pupils about gay marriage once it is passed into law. Mail online [Online] Avaliable from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2167472/Schools-teach-pupils-gay-marriage-passed-law.html

Divulgate (2011) Zach Wahls Speaks About Family [Online] Avaliable from:
What does the broadcasting of this video indicate?
Why is there a shortage of male primary school teachers ?
What are the reasons behind this ?
Study reveals men’s role is plagued by insecurities and contradictory perceptions
"Teaching in primary schools is still seen as a womans job"
"men are put off applying for jobs in primary schools because it is seen as a woman's profession"
Statistics and surveys
" just a fifth of new primary school teachers are men "
Teacher numbers by sector and gender, on 1 February 2013
Female primary teachers: 32,861 (92%)
Male primary teachers: 2,698 (8%)
Female primary headteachers: 1,741 (86%)
Male primary headteachers: 288 (14%)
Is this a problem
Some members in the educational government are thinking this of an issue the lack of male teachers in lower education. Education secretary Michael Gove claimed that primary schools need more male teachers " to provide children with a lack of male role models at home with male authority figures who can display strength and sensitivity. " This is seen as an issue towards children from single parent families and will be having no father figure.
Attempts to get more male primary teachers.
4 of the best male primary teachers in the country spoke to students to show that the profesion is as worthy as law or mining under a plan by the state principles. The aim fromeducation minsiter peter colier is determined to entice moremen into teaching without contrevening discrimination laws.
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