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Hip Hop,

No description

Diana Alvarez

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Hip Hop,

Hip Hop,
an urban culture!

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What is this?
Hispanic and African American communities
Four elements!
Element 1: MCing (Master of Ceremonies or rapping)
This is the Jamaican DJ Kool Herc called "The father of Hip Hop”.
Emement 2: Djing (A turntablist)
Element 3: breakdancing (bboying)
Most of which are painted are the names of the artists but also make pictures and whatever the artist wants.
Element 4: Grafitti
Nowadays !!
5. nicki minaj
8. Beyonce
7. flo-rida
6. rihanna
2. 50 cent
3. snoop dogg
4. lil wayne
1. Eminem
Hip hop is the music, it's their culture, their dance, their style, their drug. Hip hop is a whole culture, a whole art , political and social movement, composed of music, dance, and art. The Hip Hop's philosophy is a lifestyle.
Afrika Bambaataa is an American DJ from the South Bronx
Young people today, marginalized by social problems of large cities.
Urban dance is a part of Hip-Hop culture emerged in the African-American
Aboriginal dances
Features of the winners
- Originality
The best bboys
1. B-boy Junior (Francia )
Martial arts
1.Style or Top Rock (dancing above)
The B-boying movements can be classified into four branches
2. Footwork (footwork)
3. Power moves (power moves)
4. Freeze (you freeze in a pose)
The Dance
- Listen to music or keep up.
- Explosive movements (movements with lots of energy).
- Planting movements (basic steps of the dance, usually little scored),
- Fluidity of movement with the combine it.
2. B-boy Darkness (Corea)
3. B-boy Lilou (Francia)
4. B-boy Salah (Francia)
5. B-boy Dyzee (Canada)
Krumping is a street dance popularized in the United States that is characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement involving the arms, head, legs, chest, and feet.

Famous Krumping Dancers
Krumping dance!!
- Krumping dance started in the early 1990’s.
- Born in the streets of Los Angeles.
- It is a mix of African dance movements and Street Dance

Tight eyez
Big Mijo
Lizeth Rojas
Daira Arango
Diana Álvarez
That's all folks !!
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