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20 reasons why we should be together

just watch ok?

Maartje de Jong

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of 20 reasons why we should be together

20 reasons why he
should be together. Because I wish you
all the in your life Because i've learned that if I want something I have to fight for it
When we are together you make me feel like the happiest person on earth. We both are good kissers (but only when we kiss each other) I
and whether or not
you know it yet,
too When you have your arms
around my body, I feel safe Beacuse I make you happy! Love You’re just the right height for me I get cold feet and hands, and
you are always hot, so you'll keep me warm We can each other
until it hurts and still
not be close enough Squeeze Because no one thinks we’ll last Because when I’m “with” you it’s like nothing
I’ve ever experienced before
the shower is lonely without you Forever & Because no one thought we’d last this long We can’t stop kissing
each other, and every time
we kiss
is a time that I can’t say
something stupid. we kiss Your shoulder tastes good
when I bite in it
Because we have an awesome
song together and you still have
to sing it for me! Because you always make me laugh
even if I don't want to Because I want to
in front of everyone hold your hand I want to grow old with you And last but not least, because I love you!
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