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Leaders of their own Learning

No description

Patrick Minor

on 10 August 2017

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Transcript of Leaders of their own Learning

a summary of Chapter 1
Learning Targets...why do they matter?
Provide clear goals to each student ( think specific and focused)
Provide opportunity for short term wins for each child
Gives students sense of purpose...which increases motivation

“Motivation is in fact the most important result of student engaged assessment- unless students find reasons and inspiration to care about learning and have hope that they can improve, excellence and high achievement will remain the domain of a select group.”
Check for understanding throughout....
Students need a clear understanding of the target
Provide opportunities for you and your students to assess their progress towards the target
Ensure that students have time to discuss targets
Ensure that criteria is clear
Checking for understanding may include: hand signals, exit slips, peer check ins, cold-call questions, etc.
A classroom culture built on trust and a growth mindset is key...
Student Engaged Assessment
Turns assessment on its head
Transfers ownership of meeting objectives from teacher to student
Learning targets are the foundation for this work
Learning targets provide students with clear goals to work towards...leading to assessment that is student centered
Writing and unpacking learning targets
Focus on the target being specific and manageable
Draw learning targets from curiculum resources and align with standards
Learning targets should be focused on the learning- not the completion of the activity.
Check for understanding frequently to ensure students know their learning target
"I know I understand the learning target when I feel the confidence to say 'I can.' "
Leaders of their Own Learning
Students discuss the power of learning targets
Long Term, Supporting and Character Learning Targets
Long term targets are focused on deeper understandings and learnings that may span multiple standards
Supporting learning targets are nested under a long term target...these may need to be broken down even smaller into daily learning targets
Character learning targets are based on schoolwide expectations...think of our mission statement for guidance
Ensure your targets are rigorous
Using a Learning Target throughout a lesson
Common Challenges....
Learning targets are owned by the teacher...not students
Learning targets vs. doing targets
Learning targets are too big, too small or too complex
Learning targets are not used on a daily basis
Learning targets that are mismatched to assessments
Learning targets that are different for different groups of students
Sample Learning Targets
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