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Ship Identification System

This Presentation is for Interim presentation of Ship Identification System. This project is developed for University of Colombo School of Computing

Menuka Ishan

on 4 August 2015

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Transcript of Ship Identification System

Ship Identification System
Goal of the project
There are geostationary cameras located in ports doing only recording, also their videos will be deleted after few months back of storing. The goal of this project is to create a system that can extract useful information from those video streams
Thank You
Q & A
Objectives of the system

Identify vessel types using live or recorded video stream.

Location of ships from the FOV (Field Of View) coordinates.

Plot and visualize approximate place of the ship on the geographical map.
Generate reports which are described ship information.
Domain of the project.
System will use live video stream from geostationary camera.
Use only for Harbors.
Geographical Map Will represent the area that captured by the geostationary camera

Feasibility of the Project
OpenCV - real-time computer vision library.
Lots of preferences in the computer vision.
User Friendly IDE with support.
Lots of Classifier Training preferences
Group 07
R. K.J. P. Rathnayaka
H. M. A. U. Bandara
G. S. V. M. Ishan
G. K. L. Abayawardana
H. M. T. B. Wijesuriya
B. M. A. P. Wimalarathna
A. S. F. Rumana

Methodology of Development
Incremental Prototyping
Data Gathering for analysis

Refer internet
Discuss with seniors who did related projects
Read Research papers such as “Coding Robin”

Abhishek Kumar Annamraju (2014), TRAINCASCADE AND CAR DETECTION USING OPENCV[Online]
Available at:

Andrew s sobral (2015), Vehicle Detection, tracking and Counting [online]
Available at:

Computer Vision Workshop - Project Report [online]
Available at:

Similar Systems
Summarized Data Gathering
Got the video stream of cargo ship from Colombo Port
Downloaded 2000 negative images
Downloaded 2000 positive images
Staff of Colombo Port authority
Functional Requirements

Identifies the vessel types.
After a ship is detected, a message will be popped-up with an alarm
System will be able to track the path of the ships and update database continuously.

Non-functional Requirements

Availability of the system
Availability of the web service
Candidate Solutions
Manually system
Using AIS System
Operator able to add additional meta-data to generated reports.
System provides the facility of the counting, number of the ships.
Can search and visualize, how ships are located in a given time range.
Automatically store the generated data record.
Functional Requirements
continued ...
Domain of the project
continued ...
Standalone system will run only in Linux distributions
Web site only provide facility to access data for authorized users
Proposed Architecture
System Structure
OpenCV Library
Use case Diagram
Mock ups
● Implementation cost
● Hardware and software technology cost
● Daily administrative cost

Builder Creational Pattern
Proposed Design pattern
Relational Diagram
Proposed Data Design
Database architecture
Centralized architecture
Data Security
RSA algorithm
Implementation Plan
Implementation Approach

Training the classifier
Creating connection with database
Connect between OpenCV and Qt IDE

Current Challenges
Train a classifier to accurately identify vessels.
Create a user friendly reliable system to analyze data

Generate Report
Search Vessel
Map Vessel
Manage Profile
Landing Page
Popup Message
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