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samsung apple

No description

Cam Ille

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of samsung apple

Some Details How was it 5 or 10 years ago? Why is there such a
fight between
Apple & Samsung
about their
respective patents?

What is at stake for innovation in this market? Introduction :
- Historical background of smartphones and touchpads
- Situation of the global market

I] Patents trials between Apple & Samsung: the visible tip of the iceberg

II] But their relationship goes beyond that fight...

III] Today's innovations and tomorrow's situation Who has a Samsung
smartphone or a Tab? Historical background of the Smartphone

- First smartphone in 1992 : the IBM Simon

- The smartphone technology and the development of mobile phone networks

- 2011 : sales of smartphones have overtaken sales of classical mobile phones, and even sales of computers. The situation of the global market of Smartphone The situation of the global market of touchpad Apple or Samsung :
is there a real difference ?

- Touchpads and smartphones are almost the same in term of technology

- Strategy in these two markets consists in having important market shares "If you always do what you always did, you will always
get what you always got.” (Albert Einstein) BATTERY SCREEN From the smartphone to the very smart phone Same game, same rules …
new players THE TRIAL First sentence :

Samsung must pay $700 million to Apple Second sentence :

No ban. No mistrial.
Samsung must pay
$1.024 billion for Apple Apple :
"Samsung copied our design and technology"

"we want $2.5 billion
in damages" Samsung :
"Apple infringed our patents, like 3G"

"we want 2.4% of the sales price of each iPhone and iPad 3G sold" Second round
Apple : "we want a ban on Samsung products in the USA"

Samsung : "we want a mistrial" VS

A war for innovation ( ) Despite the image of rivalry, they cannot live without each other... for now The Big 2 and the fight : source of lots of rumors What they got in common:
Criticism for lack of innovation (1) 1 inch = 2.54cm What they got in common:
Criticism for lack of innovation (2) Beyond the fight... 2012 Best Smartphone 2012 Best Smartphone Historical background of the Touchpad

- 1987 : the first touchpad :
the Linus Write-Top

- 1989 : the GRiDPad by Samsung

- 1993 : the Apple Newton by Apple

- 2010 : the iPad by Apple Who has an iPhone or an iPad ? Who’s suing who ?
Samsung / Apple suing each other over 30 countries:

- South Korea
- Japan
- Germany
- France
- Italy
- Australia
- UK
- US
- … In which courts? $200 billion industry Touchpad market Source: http://www.deloitte.com DEBATE 1 - What do you think about the future of Samsung & Apple ? 2 - What do you think about the system of planning obsolescence ? 3 - What would be your future innovation ? Do you think it is actually possible? Tab market share
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