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Geography Five Themes of Geography

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Maddy Houk

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Geography Five Themes of Geography

Five Themes of Geography

Human Environment Interaction
The study of the interrelationship between people and their physical environment.

The physical environment affects human activities.
The act or process of changing place or position.

The world is always changing and places are affected by the movement of people, goods, ideas, and physical forces.
A specific place on the Earth.
Every place has an absolute AND relative location.
~Georgia is above Florida, to the left of Alabama, to the right of South Carolina, and below North Carolina and Tennessee.
~Georgia's absolute location is 33º 45' 16'' North Longitude and 84º 23' 26'' West Latitude.
~It is in the Southeastern hemisphere and is the largest state East of the Mississippi River.
A particular space with physical and human meaning.
Every place is unique because of its characteristics, weather, personality, plants, animals, history, and people.
~A couple animals unique to Georgia are the Red Fox, the Falcon, and the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.
~A few plants common in Georgia include the Dogwood flower/tree, Sassafras, and Kudzu.
~The Okefenokee Swamp and Stone Mountain are both significant landmarks not to be missed in Georgia.
Human Environment Interaction
~In recent years during hot summer months, when water supplies have reached low levels, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama have quarreled over the rights to natural waterways.

~In an effort to protect the woods, waters, and the coast of Georgia, the Nature Conservancy was created. This organization works to educate humans on ways to preserve the natural environment.

~Pollution on Lake Lanier endangers the lake species and the water quality of the lake. Runoff from factories and output from a nearby waste water treatment plant are two of the pollutants threatening fish and other species living in the lake.
~Parts of Georgia have experienced high outward migration. This migration happens by the lack of economic opportunities available to residents.

~The farm to table movement in Georgia encourages schools, restaurants and individuals to eat locally grown foods. This movement creates positive benefits for the Georgia farmers.

~ The population trends projected for Metropolitan Atlanta may cause stress on existing transportation and water resource management. The city expects to add 1.9 million new residents by 2015.
A broad geographical area distinguished by similar features.

~In the state of Georgia, the Highlands occupy the northeastern portion of the state. It is made up of a range of mountains, ridges, and basins.
~The Piedmont region consists of many hills and isolated mountains. Most of Georgia's rivers are found throughout this region.
~In the Coastal Plains district, the Okefenokee Basin is an area of low-lying land and swamps. Another unique area in this region is the series of marsh and sea islands that form the Barrier Island Sequence.
5 Themes of Geography
The end
By, Maddy Houk
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