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9.2 EU Institutional Architecture

No description

Ciarán O' Driscoll

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of 9.2 EU Institutional Architecture

9.2 EU Institutional Architecture
1 Commissioner per MS

5 year terms (2009 - 2014)

Pres. of Com - 'guidance'

Organised into Directorate General (DG)

Drafts legislation

Cabinets - administrative - guidance

'College of Commissioners' - weekly meeting
Application of EU law not uniform

N.B: Europeanisation

Implementing EU law: Good, bad, ugly
European Council
Only directly elected institution

751 MEPs - 5 years (2009 - 2014)

N.B.: 1979 first direct elections

HQ - Strasburg. Brussels + Luxemburg

Pres of EP - coordinates
1. Drafts legislation + Treaty Reviews
'Right of initiative'
Politically independent
TFEU - 'competences'
Too much bureaucracy...?

Staff - 2013 - 32,666

Irish Civil Service -2013 - 39,200 (exc. public servants)

DG AGRI (Agriculture & Rual Affairs) - 1,035
DG MARE (Maritime Affairs & Fisheries) - 345 = 1, 380

Department for Agriculture, Food & Marine - c. 3,450
College of Commissioners...

1. Monitoring application;
2. Interpretation;
3. Further shaping.
MS courts apply MS + EU law - but what if doubt?

ECJ gives binding ‘preliminary ruling’

MS courts - citizens can est. how far EU laws affect them.
Van Gend en Loos (Case 26/62)

Firm of importers - pay customs duty on glue from DE into NL

Contrary to TEC relating to duties (single market)

Dutch court referred for interpretation
All MEPs meet 12 times - 'Plenary' - Strasburg

Plenary = MEPs voting on amendments - 25 Committees

Committee = MEPs scrutinise legislation

RTÉ - European Parliament Report
Main Roles:

1. Power to legislate law w/ CEU (not always - Budget)

2. Democratic supervision (Nomination process of Com)
2. Monitors Secondary legislation

N.B.: responsibility of implementation rests w/ MS

3. Enforcers of EU law

N.B.: Europeanisation - MS experience in dealing w/ 'acquis'
4. Represents EU at international level

Trade agreements, Sanctions, Humanitarian Aid, UN (FAO)
TOL - institution + pres.

4 times annually - Brussels #euco

'Necessary impetus for [EU's] development'

Medium-term goals - big, interlocking issues
1. Institutions

2. Bodies

3. Agencies

Brings together 28 heads of state/govt

(Pres. of Com + HRFA + top civil servants)

Pres. of EuCo - coordinates
1975 - Reaching decisions more difficult

Coordination + consistency w/ more policies

N.B.: Intergovermentalism - MS centric to EU - not institutions
'Council' or 'Council of Ministers'

Ministers of MS departments meet - 10 groups

FAC - Gilmore
AgriFish - Coveney
EcoFin - Noonan

Legislates w/ EP
1. EU = new legal order in international law
Sovereignty limited (certain areas)
MS also = Citizens

2. TEC = direct effect in relationship between
MS + their Citizens
Creating individual rights which MS courts must protect
Pres. of CEU

Rotates every 6 months

Aim: Chair meetings,
Set Agendas,
Facilitate dialogue
CEU = MS (state sovereignty) vs EP + Com = (supranational)

N.B.: Intergovernmentalism
Ireland - 7 times

2013 Jan - June:

'Jobs, stability and growth'

Banking Union, TTIP, CAP, CFP...
COREPER - Committee of Permanent Representatives

Each MS has PerRep in Brussels - not embassy

Ambassador - Rory Montgomery

Staff - c. 30
Committee of the Regions
1994 - Assembly of local + regional representatives

Bridge democratic deficit

N.B.: Gap between ordinary citizens + EU process of reaching decisions

353 Members (Ireland 9) - Delors Building - 6 times a year

Consultative - not binding like
Economic and Social Committee
1958 - Employer organisation, trade union, representatives of similar interests

Single Market - workers, education, health, social policy... environment

1998 - Week 10...
Agencies - 30+

Independent legal entities

Involved in implementation + regulation

Cooperation between Member States - pooling expertise
European Policy Office (EURPOL) - 1999 - the Netherlands

European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders (Frontex) - 2008 - Poland

European Aslyum Support Office - 2011 - Malta

European Fisheries Control Agency - 2005 - Spain

European Maritime Safety Agency - 2002 - Portugal
Next time... To explain how it all works: Ordinary Legislative Procedure
European Peoples Party
Socialists & Democrats
United Left + Nordic Green
Freedom + Democracy
EP political groups

Not parties
Council of EU
European Court of Justice
Draft, Monitor + Enforce Legislation
Member States
Heads of state/government
Only directly elected institution
Legislates with CEU
Government ministers
Legislate with European Parliamen
Van Gend en Loos
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