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skills employers value

No description

Sam Gallagher

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of skills employers value

Valuable Skills for jobs in ICT
There are a lot skills that you will need if you're looking for a job in ICT
Typing is a very important skill to have as the employer will believe that you will get more work done if you can type quicker.
The Ability to work under pressure
It is great for an employer if they have someone that can work under pressure because the work will be done to a high standard and it will be on time.

An employer might look for someone with good presentations skills so they can do presentations for them and be able to make them.
Good presentation skills
Ability to work in a
Team work is key in some jobs and an employer will always be looking for this as it will be great for the company to all pull together and get the jobs
Good writing skills
An employer will will want someone that has good writing skills because it will benefit the employer as the work they want wil be high standard.
In mst I.T. jobs it is very important that you get the work you completed done for the dealine as you will have more jobs to do after and you can't fall behind
To work to deadlines
Problem solving
You will need to be good at problem sovling and probably have you enjoy solving problems as this will most likely be your job and you don't want to get bored of it.
By Samuel Gallagher
Knowledge of software
It is always good to have a good knowledge of software and if you work in ICT then your employer will be looking for this and it will be a great bonus to have.
Thank you for listening to this short presentation.
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