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World War II

No description

Dylan Owens

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of World War II

North America Europe Asia This is your writing desk. Here you will find letters and notes written by your editor. Your editor will give you assignments. These assignments will take you all over the world. Good luck and be careful. From your Editor: Assignment 2:
Germany is expanding its borders at a rapid pace. Get to Europe now and see what is happening! ATTENTION!! Assignment 3:
Japan is also expanding its borders. Hurry and find out what is happening in Asia! Assignment 4:
Germany has started a war. Go to Europe and report back what is happening. Be careful! Assignment 6:
Who is on whose side? We need to know. Get to Europe and find out! Assignment 7:
Get back to America. Japan has just attacked us!! Assignment 8:
How are we helping the war effort in America? Here are the topics I want you to cover: Rationing, Women, Propaganda, and African Americans. It's a lot of stuff, but you can handle it. Assignment 11:
The paper is hearing rumors of what they are calling an atomic bomb. Go see what this is. Assignment 12:
Is the war really over? Travel the world and see if this is true. Hawaii Assignment 10:
There are some disturbing rumors about what the Germans are doing to certain groups of people in Europe. Please look into these rumors. Stay safe...it's dangerous over there. Pearl Harbor Germany Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean New York As an American reporter, you understand the struggles that Americans are going through during the Depression. This is also happening across the globe. The Dust Bowl adds more misery to the Great Depression. Assignment 1:
Times are tough here in America. Your first assignment is to travel around and see how citizens are struggling. Remember, this is your first assignment so don't mess up! Propaganda Dr. Seuss lends his talents for the war effort. Media was used to get support for the war. Rationing Rationing is a way that Americans could recycle, grow their own food, and make sure that they only use what they need. The government had to support a huge military force, and each American was asked to use only a certain amount of resources. Propaganda was used to promote rationing. Fuel Food Women African Americans Internment The Final Solution Germans protest outside Jewish-owned stores. They tell citizens not to shop at Jewish-owned stores. German soldiers begin to round up Jewish people from Germany and countries they have conquered. You have witnessed starved and tortured people and piles of dead bodies. You have heard that there are thousands of these camps across Europe. You heard a story about this camp named Auschwitz (ow-switch). Thousands of Jews are brought here each day. They are divided into two groups: those who can work and those who cannot. Those able to work are sent to work from sun-up to sun-down. Those unable are usually women, children, elderly, and the sick. Those unable to work are immediately sent to a gas chamber disguised as a shower. The Nazis fill the room with poisenous gas that kills everyone. They throw away the bodies like trash or burn them. More Jews are brought into the room and the evil process repeats itself. Joseph Stalin- Russia
Franklin Roosevelt- United States
Winston Churchill- Great Britain VS. Benito Mussolini- Italy
Adolf Hitler- Germany Emperor Hiro-Hito- Japan Assignment 9:
What about the Japanese citizens living in the US? Go see what has happened to them. 3 months later Assignment 5:
Compare and contrast the propaganda from Germany to the American film "Education of Death: The Making of a Nazi." After Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, many Japanese-Americans were treated differently. Many were forced to sell their businesses. They also had to move to camps to live. It was thought that Americans could not trust Japanese Americans, even those who were born here. Japanese Americans had to give up their way of life and live in internment camps during the war. African Americans played an importnat role in the war. http://www.history.com/shows/america-the-story-of-us/videos/blacks-in-the-military#blacks-in-the-military J. Robert Oppenheimer- Scientific Director of the development of the atomic bomb.
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