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The Metamorphosis and Marxism

Created by Andrea and Cameron

Cameron Wagstaff

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of The Metamorphosis and Marxism

Marxism In The Metamorphosis Marxism: an economical philosophy in which
the concept of class struggle plays a major role
in political society. Marxism Marx believed that the individual was not as big as the state, and therefore human worth is not as important as the state. In 1919, the time of The Metamorphosis' publishing, Germany was perfectly poised for Marxism to take over. Also Marxist revolutions would prove to be unacceptable in German society. Therefore, Kafka did not want Marxist ideas to circulate with positive connotation. The main character, Gregor Samsa, represents the proletariat, or working class.
His nameless boss represents the bourgeoisie. The Metamorphosis parodies Marxism by showing Gregor
Samsa bringing in all of the money for his family, who
exploits Gregor by taking Gregor's hard-earned money even
though they are not earning it. ex: "Day in, day out--on the road... I've got the torture of traveling, worrying about changing trains, eating miserable food at all hours..." (Kafka 4). the least you need to know!
boss= upperclass\ govt.\
gegor= abbused lower clss
kafka dislikes marxism
kafka connation is negative
this presention is in no way over hyped or dull
Those concludes Andrea and Camroen's emaculatly full of win prezi!
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