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Consultation Service Learning Project

No description

Summer Fahrenbrink

on 17 April 2016

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Transcript of Consultation Service Learning Project

Consultation Service Learning Project
By: Summer Fahrenbrink
Boys & Girls Club: Cope
Identify a Service
On a weekly basis, I am able to help serve the children and families at the Club, but I noticed something they needed something more...
These children did not have pencils or pencil sharpeners to do their homework
I started a pencil drive!
What Interpersonal Skills were used?
Collaborating with co-workers, friends, and family to collect pencils and a pencil sharpener
Collaboration with the directors at the Club in order to make sure we get what they need
"People will invest more in communication when they believe the information shared will be meaningful to them" (Friend & Cook, 2013, pg. 49).
Why was it important?
The learning process is important because without it we would make the same mistakes and not learn from them. For example, in this project there was a moment that I had thought I had gotten a large company to participate in our pencil drive, but after a couple weeks of communication we found out that the logistics would not work. In hopes of keeping communication open between the Club and I, I kept them updated on the standing of this possibility. When it fell through I let them know as well. Without the learning process, I do not know that I would have been as forthcoming.
"By providing a safe, accessible place where kids can find the support they need - whether it's a warm meal, works of encouragement from a caring adult, or just a little extra help with those algebra equations - the Club helps young people overcome the obstacles in their life and get inspired to build a better future for themselves." http://www.bgcmd.org/theory-of-change
Just a Small Pencil Drive...
Who Participated?
My Co-workers
My Family
My Friends
We donated over 200 pencils and a brand new school-grade pencil sharpener!
How does this connect to the consultation process?
Which Two Consultation Skills were Demonstrated?
1. Voluntariness
Behavioral Consultation
1. Problem Identification
Asking children if they have a pencil
Seeing children using pencils an inch long
Seeing children using multiple pencils in order to equal one good pencil
2. Problem Analysis
Talking to the education and reading director about their need for pencils
Finding out that they need a pencil sharpener
Procedure continued...
3. Intervention
Starting a pencil drive
Bringing in the pencils
4. Evaluation
Asking the children and directors if that will be enough pencils
(Friend & Cook, 2013, pg. 197-198)
"A consultee may be puzzled or troubled by a situation and seek the assistance of a consultant, or a consultant may notice some difficulty and offer insight to a consultee for remedying a problem" (Friend & Cook, 2013, pg. 192).
2. Problem-Solving Process
I noticed a difficulty and offered a solution after talking with the education and reading director
"Consultation is yet another example of a specialized problem-solving process" (Friend & Cook, 2013, pg. 193).
The problem what that the children attempting to do their homework did not have the supplies they needed
What was learned?
The consultation process is something we use often, and can lead to problem-solving and collaboration. I enjoyed consulting with the Boys and Girls Club, and seeing how the consultation process brought about the pencil drive and seeing my community work together to fix a need.
How did the learning process occur?
It occurred through collaboration. As I go through this class I continuously see how important effective collaboration and communication are.
What will I do because of it?
Because of this project, I will continue to work on my consultation process. This is in hopes to continuously improve my consultation process, and in turn my problem-solving and collaboration skills. In the future, as a teacher, I hope to be able to consult with my fellow teachers and supervisors so that we can solve the different problems that are seen within our schools and classrooms.
Friend, M. & Cook, L. (2013).
Collaboration Skills for School Professionals.
Pearson Education
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