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Shang Dynasty

By Sophie Stone-Wigg

sophie s

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Shang Dynasty

Shang Dynasty By Sophie Stone-Wigg The Shang Dynasty is the second historic Chinese dynasty. It first began when a rebel leader overthrew the Xia Dynasty, its predecessor. It lasted for nearly 600 years from 1600 - c.1100 and ended with the Battle of Muye, which gave way to the Zhou Dynasty. Official Subjects Dynasty
Leader Peasants Feudal Lords/Nobel Herders Crafts Men Labor Workers Slaves The class structure in the Shang dynasty was separated into 8 main social classes. The Kings realm was divided into territories.
Territories were governed by milatry leaders.
Kings had the power over everything else.
King and nobes were at the top of class structure.
The Shang kings were usually frequently at war with outsiders. The Shang dynasty reigned for 63 years. Shang Tang The Shang dynasty was rules by bureaucracy. This means it was a system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives.
Bronze was often used in art, weapons and other things.
Priests told the future using the shells of tortoises and wore what was predicted on the actual shell.
During the Shang dynasty people wrote in vertical lines on bamboo strips, rice paper, and silk. They also left inscriptions on animal bones and tortoise shells.
The writing was called lopographs.
Everyone believed that Shang Ti was linked between heavens and humans.
After Zhou defeated the millatry the last emperor committed suicide Interesting Facts Inventions Created the idea of the Chinese calender.
Invented the decimal system silk and irrigation systems.
Chinese script.
Gun powder
Mechanics Warfare
Oracle bones
Advancement in Astrology Longest and Shortest reigning emperors:
Wai Bing- 2 years
Tai Wu- 75 years Table of all of the Shang Dynasty Leaders. Medicine from the Shang Dynasty Observational Medicine
Oracle bones
Jade medicine
Herbal bath Medicine
Chinese herb infusions
Tortoise shells
Herbal Medicine (Drug Therapy) BIBLIOGRAPHY
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