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Comparison of lifestyles in the 1850's to life in 2013

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Kayla Groulx

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Comparison of lifestyles in the 1850's to life in 2013

Comparison of lifestyles in the 1850's to life in 2013
Health Care
Unfortunatly, in the 1850's, people got very sick easily and they didn't have the medication needed like we do today. During then, people had no health care and no idea about germs and how easily sick they could get from them. Even though there were doctors, they were really only there to treat the patients with broken bones who needed special surgery.
In 2013, we get shipped cheap products from countries far away, like China, for an example. In the 1850's, most of British North America's clothing were made at home, so there were really no clothing being shippped.
Women wore domed skirts, bosom-flattening corsets, and simple daydresses. The common daydress had a very short underarm seam, a shallow, rounded dip at the waistfront, and a soft and full fan bosom.
Female clothing in the 1850's
Male clothing in the 1850's
School in 2013
During the 1850's, most families didn't have the wealth to afford school. Even after Egerton Ryerson built free public schools, most children would have to stay back and help with the farm and workshop.

Now in 2013, almost every child goes to school. They need it in order to have a successful career in the future. In Ontario, it is mandatory to go to school or to at least be home-schooled. All schools are free except for most private schools.
School in the 1850's
Work for women
Men- Outdoor tasks, helping with heavy agricultural jobs, farming, and more.

Women- Domestic chores, helping with agricultural jobs, spinning, knitting, sewing, cooking, gradening, and caring for children.

Male children- Helping with feeding livestock and gathering firewood. Older boys- Clear fields, biuld fences, and harvest crops.

Female children- spinning, knitting, sewing, cooking, gardening, milking cows, and caring for younger children.

Children under 5 years old- Simples tasks and the learning of how to do things when older.
Work for men
Now in 2013, work is a choice. You may do anything you'd like as a job. There are at least 4.5 trillion jobs all over the world. Most people start working when becoming a teenager to make money for themselves for the future. Also, unlike in the 1850's, there is no sexism when applying for a job. Women are allowed to work anywhere that men are allowed to work.
This presentation includes the comparison of school, fashion, work, transportation, electricity, water, heat, lighting, health care, ability to earn money and entertainment from the 1850's to now.
Horse pulling carriages and sleighs were still being used, but only on a local, daily level. Trains, not horses, were being used for long distance travel. People were able to travel to different cities with the coming of railroads. They also used riverboats to travel across water.
Today, we use cars, trucks, large cruise boats, planes, trains, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, streetcars, subways, ext. Over the years, many sources of transportation has been invented.
For men, their hats were based on which class society they were in; as wealthy men, the middle class men, and the working men.There were the top hats, bowler hats, and the cloth caps.
Women's Casual Wear: T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, knitted top, leggings, jean pants/shorts, name brand clothing, jogging pants, ext.
Men's Casual Wear:
T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, jogging pants, shorts, jean pants, name brand clothing, sweaters, ext.
In the 1850's, there was no electricity.

For lighting: They went to bed when the sun set both winter and summer because light only came from candles, oil lamps, and the sun.

For water: There was no indoor plumbing; instead there were outhouses, wells, lake water, or chamber pots.

For heat: The heat and fuel came from the woodstove that they would have to build a fire in, to keep them warm in the winter, and to cook food with in the summer.
Today, almost every house has electricty. We have indoor plumbing, air vents, outlets, and air conditioning. Because we have electricity, we have water, light, heat, fuel, cooling, indoor plumbing, electronic devices, television, computers, and more.
By: Kayla Groulx
For entertainment, people would:
For entertainment, people:
-socalize at religious services (church)

-read the newspaper

-write and receive written letters

-visit and talk with friends or family
-watch televison

-play or go on the internet

-play video games

-play sports

-text/message people or play on cellphones or devices.
Thankyou for watching my presentation!

In Canada, we have all kinds of different types of doctors for all sorts of healths. Health care is very important here in Canada. It's also free, except for medication and surgery. All families in Ontario have their regular physician they go to yearly for a physical check-up, which is funded by the goverment. (O.H.I.P.)

Ability to earn money
In the 1850's, not all jobs had to require knowledge. Some just simply needed to require work traits, physical strength, commitement, concentration, hard-working, and some of course did need knowledge. The ones with the most knowledge were, of course, the wealther people.
In order to have a good and healthy career, you must receive the education and knowledge given at school. Not graduating school is very rare because everyone wants to be successful and want a job that can keep a roof over their head. The highest paid jobs can only be employed by the most highest educated people. Of course, like in 1850's, for some jobs you must also have work traits, concentration, physical strength, and be hard-working. In order to earn well money, you have to have commitment.
By: Kayla Groulx
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