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Freak the Mighty Timeline

No description

s gordon

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty Timeline

Chapter One: "I never had a brain
until Freak came along
and let me borrow his
for a while, and that's
the truth, the whole
truth." First, how this all happened,
Max, called Kicker at the time,
had seen Freak at the daycare
and noticed how fierce he was.
From all those people Max had
kicked, he had always stayed
away from Freak. Freak had
always whacked people, little
kids and adults, so Max decided
to stay away, even if he was
disabled. The Unvanquished Truth Chapter Two: Up From the Down Under "The reason she looked
familiar is, I must have
seen her bringing Freak
to day care, way back in
the dark ages, because
the next thing I notice is
this crippled-up yellow-
haired midget kid strutting
around the sidewalk,
giving orders to the beards." Max spots the Fair
Gwen of Air outside
with this moving van,
standing in front of a
vacant house. He runs
outside, trying and
failing miserablely to
stay quiet, causing
Freak, who is barking
orders to the mover
guys outside, to see him.
He calls Max "earthling",
points his crutch at him,
pulls the "trigger" on the
crutch and commands him
to die. Chapter Three: American Flyer "What I do, I keep
out of reach of that
crutch and just reach
up and pick the paper
thing out of the tree.
Except it's not a paper
thing. It's a plastic bird,
light as a feather. I
have to hold it real
careful or it might break,
that's how flimsy it is." Max retreats back to
the down under. He's
just frightened. I mean
"earthling"??? He walks
outside and finds Freak
whacking this crummy
tree with his crutch.
Max is curious so he
decides to go and check
it out. Freak is steaming.
Max stays out of reach
of the crutch and plucks
this little bright-colored
plastic thing out of the
abused tree. He asks
what it is and is amazed.
Freak talks like a dictionary.
He says all these huge words
that Max does not understand
and demonstrated the bird thing,
the ornithopter. Max takes
Freak over to the down under
and shows him around. Chapter Four: What Frightened the Fair Gwen Freak is huffing and puffing
as he tries to get himself up
the stairs, and the Fair Gwen
grabs Freak and puts him in
the wagon and I swear, she
almost runs home, like if
she doesn't get away quick
something bad is going to
happen. I had scared the Fair
Gwen of Air. Freak sits on Max's
bed they get into
discussing his mother.
He explains why he calls
her the Fair Gwen. You
can tell he is a genius.
He loves robots and is
very defensive over them.
He is fascinated with King
Arthur, too. Well, the Fair
Gwen has come to get
Freak but when he and Max
come out she looks
Scared and frightened like
someone tried to shoot her.
Max had scared her. Chapter Five: Spitting Image "Freak's head pops
out of the box and
he's got this wicked
know-it-all grin.
"What she means is,
your a spitting image
of your old man." The Fair Gwen calls and
invites Max to come eat
dinner with them. She felt
bad about how she reacted
so she cooked hotdogs and
had potato salad. Before that,
Freak was looking in his
toy box thing and offers a
know-it-all comment about
how Max looks like his dad.
Outside, Freak was telling
hilarious robot stories and
made Max choke. Max had to
go home before dark but when
he got home, he was so happy
about everything that he sat
down on his bed and cried. Chapter Six: Close Encounter With the Turd Kind Max is able to go to the
lake for the Fourth of July
With Freak, except, they
meet trouble. They are
cornered by Tony D. and
his gang of cretins. Freak
and Max barely get away,
thanks to the cops. After
Tony D. dive into the alleys,
the firework show starts.
Max has to lift Freak onto his
shoulders because he can't see.
Freak, being the genius that
he is, was shouting the
chemicals that were in the
firework based on the color
of the sparks and the
intensity of the boom. "Just then I hear the whoop
of a siren and like a miracle
cop car comes out of nowhere,
heading for the millpond, and
Blade takes one look and he
and his punksters are out of
there, burning rubber on their
Freak goes, "Whew! That was
a close encounter with the turd
kind," and it takes me a second
to get the joke, but then I'm
laughing, amazed that he could
be so cool about it, like it was
no big deal that Tony D. was
after us. Chapter Seven: Walking High Above the World "Freak is still holding on
tight to my shoulders and
when they ask for our
names, he says, "We're
Freak the Mighty, that's
who we are. We're nine
feet tall, in case you haven't
noticed." That's how it
started, really, how we got
to be Freak the Mighty,
slaying dragons and fools and
walking high above the world." The fireworks end and they are
trying to get back home when
Freak spots Blade while he is
on Max's shoulders. He guilds
Max by kicking him in the back.
He guides Max into the millpond
while Blade is trying to slice
them with a knife. Well, Blade
gets mad and he starts throwing
rocks at them until Freak
whistles and gets the cops over
to them. Blade goes running and
the cops lift Freak and Max out
of the pond. They ask them their
names and Freak says that they
are Freak the Mighty, and that is
how it started. Chapter Eight: Dinosaur Brain Every morning, Freak walks
himself over to Max's and yells
downstairs to get up and get
moving. Freak can not ever sit
still so Max asks him if he has
ants in his pants. Freak says
that dragons are just an archetype
and, of course, Max doesn't know
what that is and he makes him look
it up in the dictionary. Freak calls
him a dinosaur brain and they start
their quest. "Like that helps right,
I'm getting bored with
the dictionary so I
pretend to understand
and Freak finally gives
up and shakes his head
and goes, 'I don't know
why I bother. Dinosaurs
had brains the size of
peanuts and they ruled
the Earth for a hundred
thousand years.'" Chapter Nine: Life is Dangerous "Freak doesn't answer
for a while then he says
in his stern smart voice,
'Sure it will hurt, so what.
Pain is just a state of
mind. You can think your
way out of anything, even
pain.'" "When they start their quest,
Freak makes Max walk all the
way to the hospital where Freak
says he's going to get a new
bionic body. He's really excited
about it and he says he'll be the
first to have one. Max, however,
is worried about it. Freak is happy
and explains that it will be painful
and dangerous and makes Max
swear on "blood" (saliva) not to tell
ANYONE." Chapter Ten: Rats or Worse "I look but it's
hard to see anything
and it smells like something
died in the storm drain,
which, come to think of it
, it probably did, rats or worse." Freak pops up in Max's room
and says that they are going on
a quest at midnight. He says he
saw Blade and his gang drop
aomething in the storm drain and
he wants to go check it out. At
midnight. Max clumsily walks over
to Freak's and they have to roll
around in the dirt. Well, Freak
doesn't because he's wearing a
Darth Vador costume. They sneak
over to the drain, and Freak pulls
out a string with a large paper
clip on the end. They reach down
into the drain with it and bring up
a purse. They look at the ID card
and it says Loretta Lee and that
she lives in the testaments. They
call her a Damsel in Distress but
really, she's the Damsel of Distress. Chapter Eleven: The Damsel of Distress "Then before I can get
my feet moving fast enough
to leave, this woman's voice is
cussing us out. 'Iggy,' she says,
'Iggy, come here and see this!'
Now she's standing in the door
way, this scrawny, yellow-haired
woman, with small hard eyes and
blurry red lips. She's wearing this
ratty old bathrobe and she's
smoking this cigarette and
squinting at us and making a face. They head to the testaments and
find Loretta Lee's house. She answers
the door and calls for Iggy Lee. She
makes all these rude jokes when Iggy
makes them come inside and they're
both being extremely rude. Loretta and
Iggy must have been friends with everyone
because they recognized Max and Freak.
There's beer cans everywhere and Iggy
won't let them go until he knows the whole
story about the purse. Loretta says that
Freak's dad was a magician and they are
kicked out of their house. Chapter Twelve: Killer Kane, Killer Kane,
Had a Kid Who
Got No Brain I'm standing up straight and tall
as I can and I'm marching exactly
like Freak wants me to. right and
left, backwards and forwards, and
it's like music or something. I don't
even have to think about it, I just
do it. And all those kids chanting
our names, and Mrs. Donelli has no
idea what's going on. She's definitely
flipped out and is probably hiding
behind her desk. Gram and Max go to the
store and get Max new
clothes. The manager of
the shoe store looks and
acts like Max really is a
butthead. Freak and Max are
put in all the same classes.
In math, Freak ends up
getting on his shoulders and
showing off Freak the Mighty
because mean people were
chanting mean things. He got
the whole class to chant Freak
the Mighty. Chapter Thirteen: "Mrs. Addison is okay for a
principal, but for some reason,
I still can't make her understand
that it's not me who had the really
bad Friday the 13th. And I swear
on the dictionary that if Freak ever
tries to eat American Chopped
Suey again, I'll dump it on his head
or something." It's Friday the 13th and Max
is called to the principal's office.
He's convinced that he's being put
back in LD again but actually his
father is out of jail. He goes insane.
He doesn't want to hear it. He's
thrashing and screaming and finally
he calms down. It doesn't get better.
Freak is eating chopped suey and he's
having an allergic reaction. His face
swells up and turns purple and he can't
breathe. They finally get him better
and he's taken to the hospital. American Chopped Suey Chapter Fourteen: Cross My Heart and Hope to Die Grim is quiet again and then he
stands up from my bed and in
this real old tired voice he says,
'Everything will be okay, Max. I'll
make sure of it. But the next
few days I want you to stay in the
house. Promise me that you'll do
that?' 'Cross my heart,' I say. 'Cross
my heart and hope to die.' Freak came back from the hospital
and he's doing fine. He's giving orders
like normal so Max goes back home and
about an hour later he hears Grim and
Gram yelling. Gram is all upset about
how they've put Killer Kane on parole
and Grim wants to keep a gun in the
house but Gram won't have it. They're
done arguing and Grim comes down into
the down under and asks what he thinks.
He says to get a gun and that's what Grim
is going to do. He makes Max swear not to
say anything, to cross his heart and hope
to die. Chapter Fifteen: What Came Down the Chimney "I think I hear the wind right
there in the room, except it's not
the wind. Someone is breathing.
someone who rises up darker than
the night, as big as the room, and
puts a giant hand on my face and
presses down. 'Don't say a word,
boy,' he whispers. 'Not a sound. I
came, he says, like I promised.'" It's Christmas Eve and Freak and
the Fair Gwen come over to have
dinner and open one Christmas
present. Grim got a sweater, Gram
got a bracelet, the Fair Gwen got a
scarf, Freak got a thing of gadgets,
and Max got a pyramid-shaped box
from Freak that is extremely
complicated to open and has a
dictionary inside. Freak and the
Fair Gwen go home, and they all go
to bed but Max can't sleep. He feels
cold even though the down under is
always warm. He hears the wind only
it's not the wind; it's someone breathing.
A huge hand presses down on his face
and Killer Kane says "I came back, just as
I promised." Chapter Sixteen: A Chip off the Old Block "'My, my,' he says, looking at me from
under a street light. 'Will you look at
this? It's like I'm looking at an old picture
of myself. You really are a chip off the old
block, you know that?'" Max feels like one of those lobsters on the
TV where someone hypnotizes them. They go
outside and they walk around the millpond
and into the testaments. They go to Loretta's
house and Iggy actually seems frightened.
Then Iggy takes them to some old lady's house
to stay for the night. Chapter Seventeen: By All That's Holy Chapter Eighteen: Never Trust a Cripple Chapter Nineteen: Into the Black Down Under Chapter Twenty: Freak the Mighty Strikes Again "'You know what this is, boy?'
'The Bible,' I say.
'You can tell that in the dark, can you? That's fine. What I'm going to do, I'm putting my right down on this Bible, see?'
'Yes, sir, I see.'
'And I'm putting my other hand over my heart, can you see that?'
'Yes, sir, I can.'
'That's good, boy. Now listen up. I, Kenneth David Kane, do swear by all that's Holy that I did not murder this boy's mother. And if that isn't the truth, may God strike me dead.'" They go into this old lady's empty house, and Iggy leaves and Killer Kane tries to go see if they have a way out from the back of the house. Max is looking at the door they came in, and Killer Kane thinks he's looking for an escape route. Killer Kane takes a rope and ties Max's hands and feet, then ties the rope around his own waist. They both fall asleep and the next thing Max knows, it's morning and Killer Kane is lecturing him about what he has and hasn't done. Kane swears on the Bible that he did not kill Max's mother and Max waits for God to strike him dead. But nothing happens and Max is disappointed. Chapter Twenty-One: Chapter Twenty-Two: The Accident of Nature Remembering Is Just An
Invention of the Mind Chapter Twenty-Three: Chapter Twenty-Four: Chapter Twenty-Five: "Iggy leaves, walking backwards out of
the room. My father lifts me up by the
rope and says, 'I know you have more
sense than to waste your time stealing
pocketbooks with a cripple kid. You can't
trust a cripple, but I guess you know that
now, don't you?'" Loretta Lee comes in with old pizza. Kane tells her to set it on the kitchen table. He wants her to go get Iggy but she keeps eyeing Max, looking for a way to help him escape. She leaves and Max and Kane eat frosted flakes with water and then Kane says that as soon as they leave town they'll be living like kings. The cop car goes by the house with Freak in the back. Iggy comes and says that Freak was the cripple who was with Max when they gave Loretta's purse back. Kane tells Max to never trust a cripple and Max is very hurt and hates his father even more. The Empty Book The Return of Kicker What Loretta Said "Next thing, I hear someone on the steps, these light feet trying to be real quiet, and then a flashlight comes on and this woman's voice says, 'You there, kid?'
Loretta Lee.
I can't say anything because of the gag. All I can do is sort of kick around a little, let her know where I am. You can tell by her shaky, thin voice she's scared of the dark. 'Kid? Tell me that's you. Oh, Lord Jesus, what am I doing down here?'" They sneak from the old lady's house to a burnt one, while Max is still tied up, and Kane leaves him downstairs while he goes up with Iggy to find a getaway car. Loretta comes down and tried to help Max escape. She tells him that Iggy is trying to keep Kane occupied while she tries to help him get away. Kane sneaks downstairs and catches Loretta and tries to choke her. "The Fair Gwen is hugging Freak and she's saying, 'I told you to stay in that car, didn't I? Didn't I?'
Freak, he's looking over her shoulder at me looking over Gram's shoulder, and he gives me the thumbs-up as she carries him away.
'Freak the Mighty!' he says. 'Freak the Mighty strikes again!'" Max has flashbacks of Kane killing his mother and he thinks that Loretta is his mother. He's shouting how he remembers it and Kane finally stops choking Loretta. she's breathing. Kane comes up to Max and doesn't believe that he can really remember about his mother, and he starts to choke Max. But Freak comes in with a squirt gun and a chemistry set and tells them that there is sulfuric acid in the squirt gun but really it's just soap, vinegar and curry powder. He fools them into thinking that it's real acid and squirts it in Kane's face. Max gets Freak and runs up the stairs, out into where the cops and Grim and Gram are. The Fair Gwen is scolding Freak while hugging in relief that he's okay, and the police go down and fetch Loretta. Killer Kane is being handcuffed again and is taken back to jail. "That should make me happy, but instead I feel really weird and worried and Grim, who still thinks he knows everything, says I just have to get used to the idea. 'The man is an accident of nature,' he says. 'All you got from him is your looks and your size. You've got your mother's heart, and that's what counts.'" Everybody had to go down to the police station and the police take pictures of the bruises on Max's neck. They spent hours at the police station and the hospital, where Loretta was. She was hurt pretty bad but was going to be okay. They get home and Grim gets a phone call that says Kane will have to be in jail the rest of his sentence plus another ten years. The Fair Gwen forbids them from going on any more dangerous quests. Max is afraid that he might be an accident of nature like his father so he's afraid of growing up, even though Grim told him that he wouldn't be like Killer Kane. "'The world is really and truly green all over,' he says. 'Do you remember what it used to be like, back in the age ice, when the glaciers covered the earth and saber toothed tigers roamed the frozen night?'
'Uh, no,' I say. 'How could I remember that? I wasn't even born.'
'Don't be a pinhead,' he says. 'Remembering is just an invention of the mind.'" "'See the book on the table,' he says. He can't point, but I see the book on the table. 'Open it,' he says. The book reminds me of the dictionary he gave me for Christmas, except when I open it, all the pages are blank.
'That's for you,' he says. 'I want you to fill it up with our adventures.'" It's Freak's birthday and school is out. They have a party for Freak and he got this thing called a lear jet computer, which he is really excited about because he can get onto school and learn without being at school. He's so excited that he doesn't even touch his food! Then with the computer, he teaches Grim how to play 3D chess on it, and Max helps his Gram and the Fair Gwen clean up the kitchen. Freak has a seizure and they call the ambulance and they just wait while they're very scared that Freak is not going to be okay. Max walks to the hospital to see Freak and sits under a tree playing with the ornithopter. The Fair Gwen finds him and tells him to come with her to the ICU. Freak is attached to a machine called the telemetry which tells the nurses everything that's going on with Freaks body. Freak tells him to write in a book about their adventures and Freak is excited because he's getting his new bionic body later that day. Then Freak coughs and the nurses tell Max that he has to leave. "'Then I'm running down the hall and it's like I'm Kicker again, ready to blast anybody who dares touch me, and I have to keep running, I'm skidding around corners and bumping into walls and no one can touch me even if they're brave enough to try, I just keep running and running until I get to these glass doors that say 'Medical Research'." Max gets up early and decides that he's going to the hospital to visit Freak but when he gets there, all of the nurses from the ICU are panicking and almost crying. Then Max gets what's going on, and he becomes Kicker again. He doesn't want to believe it, and races to the Medical Research building and busts open the doors. There's another set of doors, but he can't get through those. Nurses are calling the security people and Freak's doctor tells him what's going on. Freak knew that he wouldn't have a very long life so he believed that he would be the first to get a new bionic body. Apparently his heart got too big for his body and he died. "Anyhow, Loretta sees me and she says, 'Did you hear about Gwen? She's in California and she's got a new boyfriend. His name is Rick and they're crazy about each other, ain't that good news?'
'I guess so.'
'Take it from me,' she says, 'it is. So what are you doing these days?'
She gives me this long look and she goes, 'Nothing is a drag, kid. Think about it.'" Max was really upset about losing Freak and he stays in the down under for a long time. That's why he missed the funeral and Gwen leaving for California but he finally comes up and he goes outside and sees Loretta on the street. She tells him to start living again, in her own weird way, she's trying to encourage him to quit being sad about Freak. He thinks about that, he goes home and he writes in the book that Freak gave him. He starts to feel happy again.
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