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Blogging at NCVO

No description

Karl Wilding

on 12 September 2010

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Transcript of Blogging at NCVO

Blogging at NCVO Opportunities and Challenges Nineteen The number of blogs I've written since I started doing this in October 2009
That's about 1 every 2 weeks What do I blog about? Broadly speaking, stuff that I think is interesting that I think is relevant to our stakeholders... ...like mergers... ...charitable giving... ...spending cuts... ...and the Big Society.
Common themes: research findings or data Opportunities Self publishing is quick, easy and informal, which suits my style I can do things that it might be difficult or costly to do on paper I can propogate my blogs quickly by linking with twitter I write quickly and revise mistakes later And by using bit.ly I have tried to track what people are reading Reactive. Quick. Flexible. Cheap. Powerful. Interactive. In short, I like blogging about my NCVO work Challenges It takes me time to craft what I think is a good blog Some take a couple of hours I feel pressured - by me - to update regularly Am I wasting my time?
I worry that I am... Am I blogging as me - or am I the personification of NCVO? And what if I say the wrong thing by accident? What about tone and style? Is it the same as a report? Or is it like this presentation? And is it authentic? Will we be tempted to just plug our stuff? So what? It needs to be part of the warp and weft of my working day I would feel more...motivated? ...if I knew it was valued Maybe I need to think how it integrates with the other ways we report our work I am utterly convinced that the balance of how we communicate will shift in this direction Have I got something to say this week? It might not be NCVO's time I am wasting... ijuobuyb
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