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Franchise: Hilton Hotels

No description

Joanne Chun

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Franchise: Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels Minimum capital: $2,000,000
(Extra $300 per room/ suite) Capital: $2,000,000 (300 room hotel) Training for Franchisees 16 Hilton Hotels in Canada as of January 2012. Franchise Fee Franchising: Which Company? $85,000- Initial Fee (275 room)
$300- Per extra room/ suite
5% of Rooms Revenue*
3% of Food & Beverage *
1.25% of Spa Revenue * (Monthly Royalty Fee*) - First Hilton in Canada: Hilton Toronto (1960') - Training (3 weeks~ 2 months)
Cost Included in the Initial Fee
- Mandatory training for Hotel Managers ($50~$3,400) 7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102
USA Located at Hilton Head Office The Hilton Hotels & Resorts provide their guests with hotel rooms (ranging from affordable ~ luxury). Nature of the Franchise Hilton Corporate Slogans "Take me to the Hilton"

"The places you'd rather be" "Who's Taking Care of You?"
Hilton Hotels & Resorts (Hilton Hotels are not part of the CFA*) The Hilton Worldwide Brand Waldorf Astoria, Conrad Hilton Double Tree, Embassy Suites Hampton, Garden, Homewood, Home2 (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr The Hilton Hotels offer...

-Extended Stay Suites
- Affordable Hotel Rooms & luxury suites
- Hilton HHonors Reward Program (Can receive air-miles, and form relationships with the best customers). Additional Information for Investors Hilton Spas: Part of the Hilton Hotels & Resorts Located in eleven continents: 53 eForea Spas. Offers over thirty types of massages, facials, and several spas include therapeutic waterfalls. Thank You! (Hilton Resort in Sa Torre Mallorca)
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