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The Outsiders Character Chart

No description

Raegan Grobe

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders Character Chart

The Outsiders Character Chart
-16 going on 17 years old
-Best friends with Steve Randle
-Has long dark-gold hair that he keeps combed back silky and straight. Very handsome, attracts a lot of girls including me and Mrs. Fuller. Has deep, dark brown eyes.
-Peacemaker between Darry and Ponyboy, always looking on the bright side of things. Understands everybody and is happy with life.
-Doesn't drink and works at a gas station.
-Main character
-14 years old
-Best friends with Johnny
-Youngest guy of the gang, little brother of Sodapop and Darry.
-Brown greasy hair, gray eyes, smart and makes good grades, but doesn't use his head.Hates the Socs and feels like life isn't fair enough. Mom and dad have died.
-The gang's pet: everyone has a soft spot for him because he's beaten up at home.
-16 years old
-Brown eyes and long, black, greasy hair that falls over his eyes and curls behind his ears
-The smallest of the gang, and doesn't speak up much because he's always scared every since the Socs beat him up real bad.
-Best friends with Ponyboy
-Strong, yet insecure and scared.
-Oldest brother of Sodapop and Ponyboy
-20 years old
-6'2, broad shouldered, muscular. Has brown hair with a cowlick in the back. Cold, hard, green-blue eyes.
-Takes care of Soda and Pony since their parents died. Has 2 jobs to make money and is really good at football and would like to go to college, but can't cause he has to stay home and take care of his brothers, and cause they don't have the money.
-Fights a lot with Ponyboy cause he has high expectations for him and Pony doesn't realize that.
-17 years old
-Best friends with Soda
-Tall, lean, long greasy hair that he keeps in complicated swirls
-Specialty is cars, knows everything about them and how to fix them
-Works at the same gas station as Soda
-Doesn't like Pony very much because he thinks Pony is a tag-a-long
-6 feet tall, stocky, rusty colored sideburns, gray eyes, wide grin
-Always taking, making jokes, and getting in his two-bits worth. That's how he got his name
-18 years old
-Shoplifted and got drunk a lot
-Likes fights, blonde girls, and school.He's still a junior but still goes to school because he loves it
-18 years old
-White-blonde hair, sharp eyes, elfish ears
-Always is getting into fights, getting jailed, getting drunk, jumping kids, stealing, riding in rodeos, and all kinds of trouble.
-Not very likable, but still was smart and respectable
-Hates the Socs
- Lived in New York for a few years and has seen it all
-Hardened but loyal
-Part of the Socs
-Friends with Marcia and girlfriend of Bob
-16 years old
-Real name id Sherri but they call her Cherry because she is a redhead
-Connects with Pony about situations in life and isn't like the other Socs
-Hates fighting
-17 years old
-Boyfriend of Cherry
-Has three rings on his hand and is one of the Socs that beat up Johnny so badly
-Gets drunk a lot
-Gets killed by Johnny out of self defense cause he was drowning Ponyboy
-One of the Socs that beat up Johnny
-Around 17 years old
-Drives a blue Mustang
-Boyfriend of Marcia
-Gets drunk a lot
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