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Lesson 23 Robust Vocabulary

2nd Grade Storytown

Leslie Dungan

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Lesson 23 Robust Vocabulary

Lesson 23 Robust Vocabulary role attack thickens sealed pattern carefully diligent crowd plentiful disappear If something is plentiful, there is a lot of it. If something thickens,
it becomes more gooey. If you are diligent, you
keep working until you’re done. If you have a role, there are certain things you have to do. If you sealed something, you closed it up tightly. When you see a design in something, you are seeing a pattern. If you attack something, you use great force to try to cause it harm. When you do something carefully, you pay close attention to what you are doing so that you don’t make a mistake. When something disappears, you can’t see it anymore. When people or animals gather in large numbers, they crowd together. The End Is this person being diligent while studying for a spelling test?
I'm going to have a snack.
I'm going to quiz myself again.
I'm going to read the words twice.
I'm going to read a comic book. Do you think people might crowd you in one of these places?
a busy city bus
an empty lake
a schoolyard at night
a sold-out soccer game Is one of the following a nurse's role?
take a temperature
carry a birthday cake
give medicine
race across a field Do any of the following animals have patterns?
a striped zebra
a black dog
a polka-dotted butterfly
an orange snake Antonyms - replace each underlined word with its Vocabulary Word antonym Frogs in the pond were scarce. The letter was in the open envelope. Bernie carelessly watered the plants. The sun will appear behind the mountain. The lion and the hyena defend other animals. In the hive, the nectar thickens into honey.
Whipped cream thickens into butter. What thickens into fudge? Sometimes flowers are plentiful on cherry trees.
Books are plentiful in our classroom. What is plentiful in a forest - cars or leaves?
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