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Texas and the Mexican War


Rachel Botkin

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Texas and the Mexican War

Texas and the Mexican-American War
Spain's N. American Empire
Mexican Independence
Independent Texas
Annexation Debate
annexed in 1845
became a slave state
border location dispute
Mexico doesn't recognize annexation
Election of 1844
Polk (D) v. Clay (W)
Polk (expansionist) wins election
Clay opposed expansion
War Begins
Polk sends troops led by Zachary Taylor to disputed territory
May 1846 - Americans clash with Mexican forces and 11 Americans die
Congress declares war on May 13
Whigs opposed war
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
ended the war
Mexico recognized American border, ceded New Mexico and California
Aftermath of War
questions of slavery
Wilmot Proviso
increased tension between North and South
The Alamo
Santa Anna defeats Texans
March 1836
San Jacinto
Texans defeat Mexicans
Santa Anna captures
Mexico recognizes independent Texas
weak hold of land
threatened by other European countries
fear of losing CA
won independence from Spain in 1821
political instability
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