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Effects of Technology on Entertainment Today

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Janae Bonnen

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Effects of Technology on Entertainment Today

Impact on Performances About 50% of adults participate in art activities through both live attendance and electronic media. Half of all U.S. adults neither attend live events nor use media to engage in arts activities. Arts participation through media appears to encourage live arts attendance. ...it can connect people from diverse backgrounds to artworks that otherwise might not be avaliable to them. Electronic media can be a gateway to greater arts participation because... Auto-tune in the
Music Industry Auto-tune uses a mathematical trick involving autocorrelation functions to correct sound waves. Basically... Auto-tune unquestionably degrades the art of singing, largely because it makes pitch control a matter of a few mouse clicks rather than a challenge that took years to master. Now image is all it takes to make a successful artist, instead of talent. Arts Performances Video Games Entertainment Auto-tune turns this, into this. Say what? Fun Fact: The sound wave changing tools used for Auto-tune are also used to disguise voices. Auto-tune was originally used in the music buisness to correct a singer's pitches so that a slightly flat or sharp note would be corrected, bypassing several hours or days of studio recording. However, Auto-tune hasn't been the downfall of modern music by itself. Auto-tune caps a half-century of movement away from conventional notions of talent and musicianship, following rap. If anything, Auto-tune can be credited with bringing chorus back to the charts. Technology is very important to a show. Examples: lights, sets, and sounds. Impact on Performers Dad-"Want to go see the ballet? "
Son-"Nah. Why would I? I have to beat this level of angry birds!" So You Think You Can Dance Shows like

have boosted public
awareness of dance. $19.89/hour $10.93/hour Personal technologies often interfere with live performances. With all the technology, it is harder for the performer to keep the audience's attention. Negative Effects of Video Games You will go because I told you to! The things those young'uns come up with! I could watch a traditional Russian dance! Or Indian dance! This means more pressure on the performer to wow the audience. This causes more stress on the body of the performer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_Uv4EEfWu8 You just watched The Four Swans from Swan Lake by the Kirov Ballet in Russia. One of the cygnets is Natalia Pavlova, a famous prima ballerina. — Iowa State University Professor of Psychology Craig Anderson Video Games bring virtual reality emotions to reality
A physical effect of gaming extensively is obesity as well as muscular and skeletal disorders
Research shows that violence in video games activates anger in the brain and dampens the brain's conscience
Teens who play for extended periods of time develop aggressive behavior and are prone to fights As technology gets better, so do performances. "Just like your child's diet and the foods you have available for them to eat in the house, you should be able to control the content of the video games they have available to play in your home." Positive Effects of Video Games This: Players benefit from participating in conflict and moving on after accomplishing their goal
Technology gives the gamers better graphics for an immersing and realistic experience
Video games can improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as computer literacy Instead of this:
Parents need to know the ratings of the games their kids are playing
Use the ESRB rating on the box
Set limits to the length of gameplay
Decreasing the impact on kids is better than completely eliminating them Tips for managing consumption Video games require most of the brain's focus. This is both a positive and negative effect. It can distract the mind from pain in cases such as burn victims, bone fractures, cancer, ect. However, this require for the brain's focus can also make someone not want to give attention to real life. There have been people who have starved themselves because they simply forgot that they had to eat to live and their mind was to distracted to realise the body's hunger.
Video games have been used in comprehensive programs to help people with learning disabilities, ADD or people with multiple handicaps to help develope social and spatial skills. Health effects in video games Video games offer a rewarding feeling when you level up or finish a campaign. However, when you finish the game, there is no longer a want to play the game and that want gets replaced by a need to play a new game. If this need isn't fulfilled, then there could be a consequence on the emotional balance (you get angry or sad). Background Information Production Months of preparation, planning, script
writing, casting, character developement, and massive computing power go into making games everything that has anything to do with
the games is thought of by a person Most games are based on popular movies,
add-ons to existing games, or simulations
of real world events It takes about 5 days to creat one character Post Production after the game is made it is sent to testers once all the bugs are fixed the producers send out a beta version. Marketing it takes about 3-5 million dollars to develop a game and an additional 10 million to market it With the rising competition and the distractions of technology, it is harder for a performer to get and keep the public's attention. Technology can help dancers get acting jobs. All of these people are real dancers. Now, they are starring in a TV show! Body doubles are often used in movies for acters who don't dance. 0:54-1:17 Example: Black Swan This video is G!! Don't worry! http://www.dancespirit.com/2012/01/double-take/ Ouch! Economic
Games Industry Statistics The video game industry added 4,950,000,000 to the U.S. GDP in 2009
The entertainment side of the software industry (which includes video games) is growing at a much faster rate than other segments of the economy
Annual growth of the video game industry peaked at 10% between 2005 & 2009. That's 7 times the growth rate of the U.S. economy as a whole! Despite the rising percentages of unemployment in a lot of companies, the video game industry is still hiring more people. Employment has been increasing by an average of 9% annually since 2005 A total of 32,000 people are directly employed by video game publishers and developers in 34 different states Video game employees recieve an average annual compensation of $89,781. Can you guess which states are top dawgz in the video game industry? California is #1 in terms of economic benefits courtesy of video games. Many of the top entertainment software companies such as Electronic Arts (EA) and Activision are headquartered here. Video game industries added $2,100,000,000 to the Californian economy from 2005 to 2009. Our very own state, Texas, houses the second highest number of video gaming personnel. A lot of development studios such as Gearbox and Disney are located here. Washington comes in at number 3 for video game employees. Microsoft and Nintendo ofAmerica make their homes here. So the message is pretty clear. Play more video games!
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