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Alexander the Great: Villain or Hero?

No description

shakawat ali

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Alexander the Great: Villain or Hero?

Alexander the Great
Villain or Hero In my opinion, he is a villain. Villain
destroyed Persepolis
attacked the Tyre, killing 10,000 people and enslaving 30,000
he treated his slaves harshly
ordered the murder of several close advisers by Noshin Shakawat Article and legend of Alexander the villain “Alexander, by founding more than seventy cities among the barbarian tribes…suppressed their savage and uncivilized customs…Those whom Alexander conquered were more fortunate than those who escaped…(He desired to give) all the races in the world…one rule and one form of government, making all mankind a single people.”--Plutarch, Greek Historian, 90 A.D. More legends about Alexander the villain “…When he came to Thebes…the city…was sacked and razed. Alexander’s hope being that so severe an example might terrify the rest of Greece into obedience…thirty thousand, were publicly sold for slaves, and it is computed that upwards of six thousand were put to the sword.”
-Plutarch, Greek Historian, 90 A.D. Some think that he is a hero. Hero visited all of his wounded men after each battle
spared the lives of the queen and princess of Persia
built new cities where others had been destroyed
tried to promote learning Legend of Alexander the Hero “He was…very heroic in courage…He was very clever in recognizing what was necessary to be done, when
others were still in a state of uncertainty…In…ruling an army, he was exceedingly skillful; and very
renowned for rousing the courage of his soldiers, filling them with hopes of success, and dispelling their fear in the midst of danger by his own freedom from fear. He was likewise very (dedicated to) keeping the agreements and settlements which he made.”--Arrian, philosopher A.D. 171 It is all your decision if you think Alexander is hero or a villain. bibliography
You Decide... Alexander the Great: Villain or Hero. text
The End!!!!!!
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