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Analysing media products-The Amazing Spiderman

Cambridge Technicals Media Level 3 Unit 1

Jadene Rogerson

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Analysing media products-The Amazing Spiderman

Competitors with the marvel group entertainment are columbia pictures who produce a lot action movies such as men in black and spiderman also warner bros. pictures who have also produce action films such as batman,harry potter and The matrix Competitors Items owned by those watching this film are the latest technology equipment such apple products i.e. iPhones and iPad’s. The languages other than English spoken by the audience are French, Spanish, Arabic, German or any other language the film is transcribed into. The future plans of this target audience within the next six months are go into further education whether that's secondary school or university, others maybe just going into a new job or even starting a family. The financial position of the audience is also quite average as the younger audience may not have a job, which means they may not be able to afford to see the film in cinema resulting in some of the younger audience watching the film illegally online, while the older audience for this film may have a job but get paid a low income. The income of those watching this film is very average as most of them are young students. Although they are students they can afford to buy things such as DVD's and to watch the film in the cinema. The ethnicity origin of the audience viewing this film are of multi-cultural background, ranging from white Black (Caribbean), Black (African), Black (Other) Indian or any of ethnic background. Although the target audience range from those who are black and white, the main ethnic origin of the target audience will mostly be a white audience as all of the main characters are white as well as the majority of the western population is white. The gender audience for this action packed film are both male and female who are interested in an action packed movie also those who have followed the other Spiderman sequels. Although the audience is both male and female it is predominantly aimed at men, as some of the main characters are male and strong dominant portrayal's are of them. Also the fact the readers of the Marvel comic books are usually male fans The martial status of this film are single or in a relationship, I think the amazing Spiderman has a very wide range audience as this is an adventure film, audiences usually try to get away from reality by watching action/adventure films. The ages will range from 12-14 and 15-25 the age range starts at such a young age because of comic book fans who have followed Spiderman's adventures and then to the 25’s and over who may enjoy the action in Spiderman also they have have grown up with reading the Spiderman stories. Demographics Focus group Film review Focus group analysis For my focus group I made two videos as my first recording was very vague and people in it didn’t really go into detail about what they did and didn’t like about the amazing Spiderman. From my focus groups I have found out that the people I asked mainly went to see the film to compare it to the previous films, as they were intrigued in either the actors who were starring in the film or the storyline. They also said the trailer enticed them into watching this film. In my first focus group I solely filmed the people in my focus group, whereas in the second focus group I sat down with the group which made it seem more conversational than a question and answer format. The question and answer format was still successful but they didn't go into detail when answering the questions. Although my second focus group seemed more relaxed they didn't really engage with one another and they seemed distant and lethargic. The people in the first group often agreed and compromised with each others ideologies and opinions. The people in both focus groups agreed that the actors were definitely one of the main reasons they chose to watch the film. I found that both groups preferred the previous sequels in comparison to the current film. As the focus group was aimed at mainly 12 years and above it was ideal that my target was with this age range of people who gave positive comments about the film. In conclusion my focus group was very successful and interesting to look back at the results, but overall although the film had mixed views as more people often compared the film to the previous films. In this questionnaire I asked 10 people various questions relating to The amazing spiderman film, this is the feedback I got back ... Questionnaire analysis 62% of the people I surveyed were male, this is because the main target audience for this film are men, who often are interested in action movies. Also the main target audience may enjoy reading the marvel/Spiderman comic books. Whereas only a minor 38% of the people I surveyed were actually Female. 1.What is your gender? 50% of the people I surveyed were aged 17-21 this is because my survey was handed out in a college common room full of young people this age, as well as The amazing Spiderman having a wide range audience for men its also widely aimed at teenagers and young people. Only 7% of the people I asked were 27 years old and older due to the fact that I surveyed predominately teenagers 2.How old are you? 50% of the people I surveyed had a particular scene in which they preferred, whether it was the final scene,when peter fights various other characters or when the uncle unfortunately dies, however another 40% decided not to answer this question. Although only 10% of the people I surveyed agreed that all of the scenes were their favourite. 3.What was your favourite scene in the film? The majority of people I asked like action movies this is a key convention of a Spiderman movie, this was 93% of the people I surveyed. But only 7% of the people I asked didn’t like action movies, I found this unusual as The amazing Spiderman is a action film. 4.Do you like action movies? 50% of the people I surveyed enjoyed the Spiderman movies not the comics or both as some audiences prefer to be stimulated by visual images than the books where you have to create an image’s by yourself. The 30% of the people I asked enjoyed reading both the comic books and watching the movies, this could be because they have an interest in marvel books/comics and have enjoyed following Spiderman's adventures. The 20% of the people I asked enjoyed reading the comic books as they were male and comic books are usually aimed at a male audience. 5.Do you follow the comics or just enjoy spiderman movies? 15% of the people I surveyed enjoyed going to the cinema at least once a month, which means they may have a huge interest in films and the media. Whereas the other 85% of the people I asked go the cinema at least more than once a month or they don't got to the cinema at all this could be because they may wait until their favourite film comes out on DVD on TV, or just the fact they get to enjoy a film in the space of their own home, this may go for those who don't go to the cinema as well. 6.How often do you go to the cinema? 62% of the people I surveyed preferred Andrew Garfield playing the role of Spiderman in comparison to the 38% of the people who preferred Tobey Maguire playing Spiderman although he played this role in a trilogy of movies.Viewers may prefer Andrew garfield as they may find him attractive or the fact that he’s a new and fresh british actor. 7.Which actor did you prefer playing Spiderman? 62% of the people I surveyed preferred Andrew Garfield playing the role of Spiderman in comparison to the 38% of the people who preferred Tobey Maguire playing Spiderman although he played this role in a trilogy of movies.Viewers may prefer Andrew garfield as they may find him attractive or the fact that he’s a new and fresh british actor. 7.Which actor did you prefer playing Spiderman? 50% of the people I surveyed said on of the main reason’s they wanted to watch The amazing Spiderman was to compare The amazing spiderman to the previous Spiderman films. 10% of the people I surveyed didn't answer the question.Another 10% said they just wanted a change in genre in the film and the remaining 30% either liked action movies or are a fan of The Spiderman character. 8.Why did you want to see The amazing Spiderman? 50% of the people who took my questionnaire said one of the reasons they wanted to watch the film was to see the good actors, I think this was because Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are well known young actors this is something young people took an interest in. 30% of the people who took my questionnaire said that were a fan of the comic books, this being one of the reasons why they took an interest in this film. The remaining 20% of the people I surveyed said they just wanted to compare with this film with the previous films, whether this was the actors or the storyline or just because action was their favourite genre of film 9.What are your reasons for watching The amazing Spiderman? The majority of the people I surveyed said that they first heard about The amazing Spiderman on the internet, this is because most of the people who took my questionnaire were aged 17-21, the internet is where most young people spend their time whether its for social networking or its for educational purposes. A 40% of the people I asked heard about the film either via Tv/Radio ads,social networking, word of mouth or billboards. The film was largely endorsed in order to produce all of these mass media productions in order to reach out to its target audience. Lastly 20% of the people who took my questionnaire ticked other. 10.How did you hear about The amazing Spiderman? Distribution and exhibition Distribution The amazing spiderman is a worldwide film which was distributed by columbia pictures. The film premiered in tokyo on june the 30th 2012 this could have been because of large amounts of marvel fans and the distribution of merchandise. The United states and the UK both had a joint release date on the 3rd of july 2012, various other countries shared this release date this is because they’ll were all English speaking countries. Part of the spiderman franchise, items such as:
Brand marvel comics
Showdown: ‘Spider-man’ Vs. ‘Transformers’
Showdown: Franchise reboot battle
Showdown: Spider-man versus himself Exhibition Audiences viewing the amazing spiderman, from the release date could have accessed the film by illegal downloads or going to the cinema as The amazing spiderman has only recently been released onto Blu-ray/DVD. But now people can watch films on all types of media such as on smartphones,iPhones and androids also iPads and any other type of media that airs or releases films. As the film was only released this year it is yet to be aired on TV or on any kind of on demand services. the film was rated a 12A but is immediately aimed at all teenagers, the available distribution made it easy for young audiences to access the film. Exhibition Product placement The film was promoted in numerous ways trailers went viral online,the were advertisements all over the world whether they were billboards, TV trailers or magazine ads, also social networking sites such as twitter helped widen the knowledge of when and where premieres of the film were coming out. I think each of these forms of advertising had their advantages as the target audience are teenagers aged 12 years and above, they all use these forms of social media. As the film was made by sony pictures, there is a lot of product placement from sony products. Spiderman is seen using a sony Xperia mini pro smartphone to make calls to his girlfriend,check his voice mail and to listen to a police radio broadcast. There is quite a lot of product placement with search engines such as bing and Microsoft. These products have been endorsed and advertised in this way, to make you want yo buy the latest sony phone product. Product placement is a very smart way of companies being able to endorse and familiarise audiences with their products especially in films, where worldwide audiences will can witness products such as sony being used. i don't think the product placement effecting my overall experience of watching the film as I wasn’t overwhelmed with a large amount of known brands and products being used.As is common in Sony films, Sony product placements abounded, replacing the ubiquitous Apple Computer products often used by other studios. The film's mobile phones, tablets, monitors and laptops all came from other Sony divisions. Other placements included Microsoft's Bing search engine. Film survey Film Survey This official trailer made my sony pictures has had more than 10 million views worldwide. In my opinion the trailer doesn't really give hints about whats going to happen in the film it gives a brief synopsis of the whole storyline. The trailer shows how spiderman operates, who is love interest maybe and the typical villain played in the film, not much more can be said about the film although the film’s duration does stretch out to a 2 hour long production. Prior to the film being released trailers were shown on TV and cinema screens, to reach a wider range audience’s who would not usually watch this type of film. Text Trailers abot the teaser trailer .... These are just a few posters and billboard images used to advertise The amazing spiderman. All posters are completely different in order to get the target audience excited about the up and coming film. The posters are very simple, they don't include large amounts of words making it easier for people commuting or walking by to take in what is being said. Also very easy in The amazing spiderman’s advertising process included teaser posters that were released prior to any Tv ads’s or full posters. The posters often included just the spider in black and white or shots or spiderman at various angles but the same background of the city. Posters/ Billboards Empire magazine the biggest selling film magazine in Britain magazine which was first issued in july 1989. When empire magazine first released the issue on february 2012, this meant The amazing spiderman has had huge coverage and advertising with this almost worldwide magazine. The magazine is also published in America, Australia, Turkey, Russia and Portugal. This issue was also very important as it launches a guide to the up and coming films of 2012 such as Skyfall, the avengers and the hunger games. Andrew Garfield features on the front cover of the magazine in the spiderman suit, cuts and bruises are on his face as if this is a preview or screen shot of Garfield in the film. The viral had started and continued to go on for many month’s prior to the film being released A Daily Bugle website revealed Denis Leary as George Stacy lamenting the appearance of the wall-crawler and asking whoever spots Spider-Man to e-mail him. The site hosted the best fan-made Spider-Man scenes On May 30, 2012, the third (and apparently final) set of challenges in the Animal Dynamics Lab was launched with two new video updates of Doctor Connors, an image of Richard and Mary Parker, letters from Rajit Ratha to Doctor Connors, one from Doctor Connors to Richard Parker and another note to Richard from Mary. The Twitter account watching the congratulated finders of the sub-sites Several mysterious web sites have surfaced as part of an augmented reality game tied to the release of "The Amazing Spider-Man. The viral marketing campaign for "The Amazing Spider-Man" is currently hot on the trail of the Lizard, and now the latest site is hinting at an Oscorp connection to the nation-wide event planned Internet/ Viral Campaigns Marc webb said during the production of the amazing spiderman the background story of the abandoned peter parker had never been talked about or seen by the audience in any other spiderman film. Peter being abandoned at such a young age was said to be a great lead to why as spiderman he did certain things. Andrew garfield was cast as spiderman because of his quirky, fun and punk rock personality perfectly fitting this more exciting Spiderman. Marc said he tried to make the film setting very realistic and by making the film into 3D this was a perfect way for the audience to get a real feel of what its like to be spiderman through his eyes. Marc webb Interviews Emma stone, when questioned about andrew’s role as peter parker simply says “He just is peter parker”. Emma stone said to prepare for the role of gwen stacy she read numerous comic books on gwen stacy and captain stacy also by educating herself on the whole marvel empire.Emma quotes Marc Webb by saying andrew transforms into spiderman within a split second you can see the transformation as he goes from 27 to 17.Emma says being in the film is an extraordinary experience, this is probably why there are so many films superhero films out right now. Superhero films give actors this empowerment and ambition to some day exceed to being strong and powerful like their characters. Interviews Emma stone Analyising media products and audiences Ownership The institute who made The amazing spiderman are Marvel entertainment, recently bought by The walt disney company in 2009.Marvel Entertainment, formerly Marvel Enterprises and Toy Biz, Inc., is an American entertainment company formed from the merger of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. and Toy Biz, Inc. Marvel entertainment is a horizontal operating company as they don't just make films they produce Tv shows such as the animated series of hulk and the most popular marvel show ultimate spiderman, marvel toys such as avengers and marvel action figures are made for fans. As well as huge endorsements of marvel’s comic books. Opererating model Products and other divisions made by Marvel are toys,comics, fan base social networking sites and Tv shows.Comic’s by marvel have been made for fans who enjoy marvel characters.There is a place on the marvel website where’s fans can interact with each other, there are also links on social networking sites such as Twitter,Facebook and Youtube. One of the most popular marvel shows on Tv is animated series The Ultimate Spiderman which is aired on disney XD.Since 1944 Marvel Entertainment have mainly made live-action films Products Marvel is one of the most well known and outstanding character based entertainment companies in the world. The company and its other endorsements is licensed and commercialised of its characters,comic publications and film production and distribution. Market position Media database The Amazing Spider-Man is a 2012 American superhero film directed by Marc Webb, based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man. It is a reboot of the Spider-Man film series, portraying the character's original story and his development into a superhero while a high school student. The film stars Andrew Garfield in the title role, with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors. Film synopsis The amazing spiderman stars british/American actor Andrew Garfield, with the leading role he plays Spiderman and peter parker. His love interest is played by Emma stone renowned for her role’s in films such as Easy A and Zombie Land. The actors Other actors include: Rhys Ifans - Dr. Curt Connors/Lizard
Denis Leary - Captain George Stacy
Irrfan Khan - Dr. Rajit Ratha
Martin sheen - Ben Parker
Sally Field - May Parker
Chris Zylka as Flash Thompson Competitors with the marvel group entertainment are columbia pictures who produce a lot action movies such as men in black and spiderman also warner bros. pictures who have also produced action films such as Batman, the Harry Potter franchise and The Matrix. Competitors Discussion points/ questions asked during the focus group Why did you want to see the amazing Spiderman? What did you like about the trailer? Did the film have typical conventions of an action film? Do you think New York was a suitable place for this film? Did you find the plot similar to previous Spiderman films? Why didn’t you watch the previous Spiderman Films? What was your favourite scene in the film? Were the actors one of main reasons why you decided to watch the amazing Spiderman? Was there any particular camera shots or angles that you noticed?The fact that it was high up Do you prefer the amazing Spiderman to the previous Spiderman? Did the type of setting fit this type of film? Audience effect Film survey All of the people I asked agreed that the film didn’t change their views on the theme of good VS evil. This suggest the films concept on Spiderman man films has not changed.If the person who answered my questionnaire went to see the film with one of their friends, this means they are more prone to change their ideas about the film after they’ve been influenced by friends. 1.Did the film change your mind on good vs evil? 50% of the people I surveyed agreed that they all have their own opinion when it came to watching a film with a group of people. Whereas 20% of the people I surveyed felt as if they had to change their opinion in order to fit in with everybody else also this reflects back to the idea of the two step flow theory, when in the cinema with others people are more affected by the media and others around them as their opinion may influence their behaviour. The other 30% either said that they just wanted to get away from reality, there was no difference when it came to watching a film with others. 2.Does watching a film with a group of people change your views on the film? 40% of the people I surveyed watched this film in the cinema with their friends, I think this is because the amazing spiderman’s target audience is from 12 years old and above, so this would preferably not be a film a child would see with their parents unless they were under 12. Another 40% of the people I surveyed said other, where it was at the cinema with family or another option, I doubt there were any other options as the film has only been released. The other 20% said they either watched the film online this maybe because they didn’t think the film was worth viewing in the cinema and the remaining 10% said they watched the film alone suggesting they prefer their own company when watching films, this also causes less distractions and increases cinematic experiences. 3.Where did you watch this film? 50% of the people I surveyed agreed that the reason they decided to watch The Amazing Spiderman was for entertainment reason’s, whether it was to socialise with friends, to relax or just to fill the time.A minor 10% said that they wanted to be educated when watching this film also the fact that when people watch this film they want t escape from reality and into this 4.Why did you watch this film? 70% of the people who took my questionnaire agreed that spiderman portrayed an accurate superhero. I think the hypodermic theory was used, in order to endorse and advertise The amazing spiderman a lot of advertising such as TV and radio ads,billboards,print ads even spiderman action figures were made for young children, who may have followed the animated TV series.Also social networking played a large part in the endorsement of The amazing spiderman, I think the more people discussed it on sights such as twitter and Facebook, the more likely they were to want to watch the film. 5.Does Spiderman portray an accurate superhero? Consider why your audience would have said no - is this possibly because of a gender bias? 20% of the people agreed that the character gwen stacy portrayed a lot of sex appeal within the film, I think this is because emma stone is a young and familiar young actress that audiences can relate to, also when gwen and peter first met audience and sympathy with the cute and romantic scenes.A large amount of people disagreed that gwen stacy lacked sex appeal within in the film. 6.Do you think Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) portrayed a lot of sex appeal within the film? 90% of the people that took my questionnaire agreed that Andrew Garfield played the role of Spiderman well, many said that they preferred Garfield than Tobey Maguire who played Spiderman in the previous films. Many people said Tobey Maguire was dull and lacked excitement 7.Do you think Andrew Garfield played the role of Spiderman well? The majority of the people who took my questionnaire said that in The amazing Spiderman men are perceived as strong and other masculine words such as heroic,powerful and dominant. I think the people who took my questionnaire used masculine words to describe the perception of the men in this film, because most of them played the role of an alpha male whether it was George Stacy (Gwen Stacy’s father) or Spiderman both playing a superior hero in their own right. I think it was Marc Webb’s (Director) intention to make the men in this film to live up to their stereotypical role. 8.How do you think men are perceived in this film? 40% of the people who took the questionnaire agreed that Andrew Garfield distracted them from the films storyline, I think this was also one of the main reasons female audiences decided to watch this film. The remaining 60% said that Andrew Garfield didn’t distract them from the films storyline this could be because they just didn’t find him attract or they were merely concentrating on the storyline. Also because Andrew Garfield may have a building fanbase as he is still a up and coming actor. 9.Did the sex appeal of Andrew Garfield distract you from the films storyline? Legal and ethical issues
The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), originally British Board of Film Censors, is a non-governmental organisation, funded by the film industry and responsible for the national classification and censorship of films within the United Kingdom Who is the BBFC? Legal issues Although no cuts were made to this film, the film was rated a 12A and included a lot of violence for the target audience to be exposed to.The film,online and video trailer was rated a pg merely because the violence was probably cut out for the advertisements,to avoid any controversy and offence to younger audiences.In america the film was rated a pg-13 which is the equivalent to a UK12A due to the fact there were sequences of action and violence. The ethical issues of this film are the fact that there are scenes of violence and bullying towards peter within the beginning of the film Films for theatrical release are normally classified by at least two Examiners using the published Guidelines.

In my opinion I dont think this film was given the right certificate, as I don't think many explicive words were used, there wasn't large amounts of violence and there were no sexual scenes. Therefore I think the only reason the film was given a 12A is because younger viewers may have found the fighting scenes with the lizard and spiderman quite scary. Classification Analysing media products & audiences Textual Analysis -Spiderman is inferior to every other object in this shot, as he is sitting higher up than anything else in the shot -The majority of this image is very dull coloured until peter begins to remove his jumper where we see the red and blue spider costume -Although Spiderman is the main focus in this shot as peter parker reveal’s himself as Spiderman, you still have clear view of background. whereas in most images or shots the background would be blurred to show the importance of a main character. -The dominant in this image is obviously Spiderman (Andrew Garfield) as he is inferior to everything else in the shot The dominant -The low key lighting also fits the genre suggesting that this film is either a thriller or an action movie -The darkness of this image creates mystery as Spiderman looks over the city , although this shot isn't highly lit it also doesn't consist of any shadows. -The low key lighting emphasizes the colours red and blue in Spiderman's costume, this shows the importance he carries throughout the film. The Lighting -This high angle shot also creates and suggest the amount of drama that may be going on in this scene, with Spiderman being so high up in this shot this represents his dominance in the film -The angle this shot has been taken at is a birds eye view as we are seeing the shot taken from a high angle, this shows Spiderman's significance in this shot and in the film. -This shot is a close up as Spiderman has an overview of the city and sits on a bridge we see a close up shot of him from behind. Shot and Camera Proxemics/ Camera angle -Spiderman’s costume defiantly contrast with the rest of the background as they are very similar. -Peter parker wears a dark blue hooded top in which he then revels his Spiderman costume underneath. His hooded top blends in with the background colours and may reflect on his mood. -The dominant colour in this shot is defiantly black and dark blue, this is to signify darkness and violence that may be upcoming in this film or this scene. Colour values -Besides the reveal of Spiderman's colourful costume the other main objects in this shot are; the bridge in which Spiderman is overlooking and the lights that follow the cars on the road . - After looking at the dominant image the eye immediately goes to the line of cars going across the bridge, due to the bright lights. Subsidiary Contrasts -The three main objects in this shot are Spiderman, the bridge and the row of lights along the bridge. -Although Spiderman is higher up than anything else in the shot , there aren’t many other objects in this shot that are visible as there is very low lighting and this shot was taken at night. Density -As this longer shot allows Spiderman to move around, its considered to be loose and usually suggest freedom -There is more than enough room for Spiderman to move around in this shot, as he is higher up than any other object also as he has the skills of a spider, which enable him to free lance any where throughout this shot. Framing -The position in which Spiderman is sitting is at the bottom of the shot, in the centre, this suggest vulnerability, helplessness and weakness. Also the fact that Spiderman is sitting in the centre of the shot suggest although he may be weak in this scene he’s still an important character in this scene. Character Placement -Spiderman’s back is to the camera, this is one of the most identified staging positions. This position usually means that the character is usually isolated from the rest of the characters, this is scene in the shot as Spiderman sits by himself. The fact that Spiderman's back is to the camera suggest that this character is very secretive and something mysterious is about to happen in tis scene - Staging positions -The distance in this shot shows that Spiderman maybe reflecting about his life, as he has many enemies in the film. This positioning allows him to depart from the other characters. -Spiderman is literally miles away from the rest of the characters in this scene. This is called public distances suggesting peter feels very isolated towards the other characters . Character proxemics Denis Leary as Captain George Irrfan Khan as Dr. Rajit Ratha Martin sheen - Ben Parker Sally Field as May Parker Chris Zylka as Flash Thompson Spiderman & Gwen Stacy Both focus groups took place after groups of people watched clips from the amazing Spiderman film, here is a video of the focus group where I asked questions and discussed points from the film. Audiences viewing this film could have viewed The amazing spiderman by various types of multi-media such as Blu-ray DVD , watching it on the internet whether that was legally or illegally and of course the cinema. Throughout the Spiderman franchise a lot of merchandise has been released, but i found on the superhero stuff website, fans can purchase a variety of items on this website such as clothing, home & office ornaments and toys & collectables such as action figures are very popular within marvel fans. Teaser trailer Official trailer Rhys Ifans - Dr. Curt Connors/Lizard Film review Production process After the original spiderman producer Sam Raimi’s departure, the producer of (500) days of summer Marc Webb soon stepped in for the reboot after so much success of his debut film. Marc described the film as "not a remake" explaining that "we're not making Sam's movie again. It's a different universe and a different story with different characters." One of the main reason’s producers decided to reboot the series was because, producer Matt Talmach felt that the core of spiderman’s story was the journey from a boy to a man. So the whole script was looked over by script-writer Steve Kloves. Development It was reported that both marvel female love interest Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson would appear, but the website The Wrap later reported that only Gwen stacy was going to star in the film. In 2010 an american publication released names of actors who were considered for the lead role by Marc webb, actors included The hunger games’ Josh Hutcherson, Andrew garfield, Billy elliot star Jamie Bell and various other young actors. Later that year Andrew was the confirmed choice to play Spiderman, webb just new from filming one scene that garfield was the guy. Then auditions ran for the role of young peter parker, Webb wanted to see peter grow. Casting Marc webb felt it was time to reinvent Spiderman, stating that he and the crew wanted to stunts to be physical. The new design of the costume would also be a challenge for a superhuman character.Webb liked the Mark Bagley art in Ultimate Spider-Man for the hero's body.One reinvention for the film was to adopt the convention from the mainstream Spider-Man that gave him artificial web-shooters.Writer Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times was skeptical of the change feeling that it was too hard to believe that a financially strapped young man could conceive a wrist-worn device that can instantly produce a strand of synthetic webbing. Despite the skepticism, Webb felt that "the web-shooters were able to dramatize Peter's intellect". Webb paid attention to the question of "How would a kid make it?" And then took some license with it. Design Filming took place in various location’s over a 90 day shoot which included two weeks in new york city while the majority of the filming occurred in and around Los Angeles. The film was the first hollywood production to be filmed with the red digital cinema camera company, Cinematographer John Schwartzman had this to say about the camera "Today was epic". Filming The company 3ality Technica of Burbank, California produced some of the equipment. Webb wanted a whole new 3D experience for Spiderman-Man, he wanted specific feature’s of the film to stand out especially for 3D. Webb also wanted the idea of three dimension’s to generate the point of view of Spiderman and how he felt, Webb wanted to push the ida of 3D even further than James Cameron did in Avatar. Effects The film also features music by coldplay, the song ‘Til Kingdom come’ from their Album X & Y. James Horner, a well known American composer. I found it ironic that Marc webb described Horners music as “Spectacular” as spectacular is this is the name of the spiderman Tv series. Music Ofcom The Office of Communications, commonly known as Ofcom, is the government-approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries of the United Kingdom.

Ofcom regulates what the public sees on the television, radio, telecoms and postal sectors. In terms of television and radio my film the amazing Spiderman would be shown just before the watershed as it’s a 12A meaning if children under 12 years old view the film they need to be accompanied by an adult as well as its main target audience consists of children 12 years old or younger or maybe even those who are a bit older. I think the film will be aired pre watershed around 7 or 8 o'clock as there is moderate violence, that could be seen as disturbing for its younger audience. The film hasn't been deemed as too violent which means that 7 or 8 o'clock s the most appropriate time. ggngbnfbngb Legal issues and illegally downloading Out of every film in 2012, project X was named the most illegallly downloaded film of that year. It may not have been worthy to watch in the cinema as some may some but now-a-days any type of film can be illegally downloaded as seen in my example, that an erray of films have allowed the oublic to illgally download The amazing spiderman The amazing spiderman is a hybrid film as it has elements of action, as Andrew Garfield's character bounces through the streets of new york, while other scenes with his love interest Gwen Stacy show aspects of drama and science fiction as Gwen has a work experience in a science laboratory, the science lab is where we also see the 'Lizard' this charcter also show's idea's of fantasy and adventure film. Reviews say The amazing spiderman also has one of the most obvious conventions which is reboot where we see Marc Webb show his own on look on a superhero spiderman film. Pre-production The pre production process involves casting characters, who will fit the profile of a character as much as possible so for example The amazing spiderman is a film made by Marvel, who already have the characters made in there comic books. The pre-production process also includes scripting although the film ideas are taken from a comic book, the script and speech still need to be re-written and tweeked in order to fill the average duration of a film which is 1hour and 30 seconds. Also because my film was a reboot of the original Spiderman franchise, the new director of the film (Marc Webb) had to come up with new and original idea's to make the amazing spiderman some what 'amazing'. Post production As The amazing Spiderman is an action and superhero film, the post production of this film involves a lot of heavy editing. As spiderman swings through the streets of new york (this is not something we see on a egular basis) which means in the production process stunt double's and studio's were used to film scenes such as this in order to make Spiderman's stunts look as real as possible. Production During the production process the location and actors have already been chosen, its just the case of scheduling when to film. its always vital to know when you are filming in terms of contingency Theory 1 In the beginning there is a slight state of equilibrium as the Peter Parker is left lost,trying to found out about his father, as the trailer continues the story of Peter's fathers past is soon unravled, this is where we see peter's quest to find out about his father while Dr Curt Connors begin's to plot evil plans and becomes obbessed with the idea of becoming a lizard. Theory 2 Theory 3 The amazing Spiderman definantly fits the eight character types in propp, theres the villan who is Dr.Curt Connors/Lizard we know this because he is one of the characters who cause a problem within the middle of the film, the audience also know that Dr.Curt Connors/Lizard is a villian as he isnt attractive and has a disfigurement . The hero in the film is Spiderman, the original Superhero who defeats The Lizard in a one-on-one battle, we know Spiderman is the superhero as he's quite goodlooking and wears american and patriotic colours such as blue,white and red . In the film Spiderman isnt really assisted or helped by anyone, so there isnt a doner or a helper he's a lot more independant compared to other superhero's as they usually have a side-kick, helping them through the drama.The princess in the film is Peter Parker's love interest, Gwen Stacy who stands by Spiderman through although she knows his real identity,we know Gwen Stacy is the princess as she's quite pretty and supports Spiderman as everyone else doubts him. The father of Gwen Stacy is Captain George Stacy, who works for the New York city Police Department and then goes onto track Spiderman down.The false hero in the film could be Dr.Curt Connors/Lizard as he pretends to be Peter's friend in the beginning and then turns against him. The dispatcher in the film would be Peter's father as he plays a key part in life after he finds his breif case and often has flash backs of his parents, the memory of his father pushes him to find out about his late father and it also pushes the narrative forward. How might binary oppositions be applied to your film trailer?

There are definanlty features of good vs. bad as throughout the film everyone is pretty much against Spiderman although he is trying to help people out and do the right thing , the police force especially try and deem Spiderman as bad and try to hunt him down.When Gwen Stacy introduces Peter Parker to her parents there is a sense of middle class vs working class, as Peter speaks out of term when standing up for Spiderman and Gwen's parents seem to look down at Peter.
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