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Mercy Watson

No description

Hayley Agbanawag

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Mercy Watson

Problem, Resolution, and favorite part
Mercy has to be a prince she can get buttered bread.

They call the fire men and they forgave eachother, so they had dinner together.

I like when Mercy runs after General Washington because its funny and weird.
Main Characters
One of the major characters is Mercy. I would describe her as a fun pig. I would also describe her as a nice pig. Another major character is Mrs. Watson. She is creative. She is also kind. Last Mr. Watson is a good listener. He is also nice.
The book takes place at Deckawoo Dr. in their neighborhood
Major event in story #3
They get kicked out of Urgen's house because she said their annoying
Main event in story #1
General Washington gets stuck in the tree because she wanted to get away from Mercy
Major event in story #2
Mercy has to be a princess because she wants to eat buttered bread, candy and other things.
By: Kate Dicanillo
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