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The Titanic!

No description

Ella Winlaw

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of The Titanic!

Not only were there not enough lifeboats to save everyone on board, most of the lifeboats that were launched off the Titanic were not filled to capacity. For instance, the first lifeboat to launch, Lifeboat 7 from the starboard side only carried 24 people, despite having a capacity of 65 two additional people later transferred to Lifeboat 7 from Lifeboat 5. However, it was Lifeboat 1 that carried the fewest people only seven crew and five passengers a total of 12 people despite having a capacity for 40.
The Titanic

presentation done

by Samantha Coco and Ella

thank you for listening!!
prestented by ella coco and samantha
They were going to sail from Southampton, UK to New York, US. The titanic left Southampton on the 10 April, 1912 with the number of 2,224 passengers and crew on board.
There were 2224 people on board the Titanic but sadly they lost 1514 and saved 710.

Who's on board?
How the Titanic was made
The Titanic was made on the 31st of March 1909 and finished on April 2, 1912 .
Close to 3 thousand people built this gigantic ship and it cost over seven million dollars.

Passenger category
Number Number Number
aboard saved lost
Men, Second Class 168 14 154
Men, First Class 175 57 118
Men, Third Class 462 75 387
Men, Crew 885 192 693
the Women
Passenger category
Number Number Number
aboard saved lost
Women, Crew 23 20 3
Women, Second Class 93 80 13
Women, First Class 144 140 4
Women, Third Class 165 76 8

Passenger category Number
aboard saved lost
Children, Second Class 24 24 0
Children, Third Class 79 27 52
Children, First Class 6 5 1

Originally a lifeboat drill was scheduled to take place on board the Titanic on April 14, 1912 - the day the Titanic hit the iceberg. However, for an unknown reason, Captain Smith canceled the drill. Many believe that if had the drill taken place, more lives could have been saved
a fact
From the time the lookouts sounded the alert, the officers on the bridge had only 37 seconds to react before the Titanic hit the iceberg. He ordered for the titanic to be put into reverse but sadly that wasn't enough.
a fact
Although most passengers had to share bathrooms only two first class were the people who had private bathrooms, third class had it rough with only two bathtubs for more than 700 passengers!
With the order for women and children first into the lifeboats, plus that there were not enough lifeboats for everyone on board the Titanic to be saved, it is a bit surprising that two dogs made it into the lifeboats. Of the nine dogs on board the Titanic, the two that were rescued were a Pomeranian and a Pekinese.
The Titanic hit the enormous iceberg amazingly fast. When the titanic hit the ice berg it made big and small holes all around the titanic causing the water to flood. The lifeboats were filling up, women and children went first and then the men. The water was −2°C so the people that were in the water could only stay for 15 to 30 minutes. Only half of the people on board would of survived and the other half would have drowned.
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