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Elon Musk

No description

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of Elon Musk

Thesis Statement
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I have made much progress to science and our world by creating and running Space X a space aircraft engineering company which works on creating space shuttling and rockets used to explore space and transport needed items into outer space. This could help perfect humankind by learning more about space which could help us in agriculture and making advancements on Earth.
I (Elon Musk) am the greatest enlightenment thinker because I have made many scientific and electronic advancements.
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It is clear that I Elon Musk am the greatest enlightenment thinker because of the advancements I have made in space exploration, our use of computers, electronic alternatives for cars and other gasoline ran things, and my many advancements in science overall.
Contributions To Society
I co founded PayPal, and Tesla Motors.
I founded Space X and I am the chairman of Solar City. All of these companies are very popular and are still in use.
Background Info
I was born in South Africa in 1971. As a kid I enjoyed playing with computers and taught Myself how to program at 10. I went to college at Queen's University, University of Pennsylvania, and dropped out of Stanford University to create Zip2, an online city map.
Shared a Photo
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Engineer, Thinker, Entrepreneur
Elon Musk

I have a great impact on nature
because I created Tesla Motors
which creates battery powered
cars that don't have as
negative of an effect on the
environment as cars that run on
gasoline do, which helps to keep
the natural balance that exists.

I increase the happiness in our world because I
invented Paypal, a online debut card and way of
transferring money easily online. This keeps people happy because they can buy things online without the hassle of a credit card, and without having to find a store that sells or is in stock of what you want, leading to easier shopping.
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