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Chase Ibbotson

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Rocky

Archetypal Film Analysis
John G. Avildsen
Rocky Balboa
Zeus Archetype protagonist
1. skilled at forming alliances
2. very loyal or forgiving
3. decisive and confident
4. strongest man to lean on
5. has trouble expressing his emotions
6. has trouble asking for help
7. sometimes stoic or quiet
Rocky becomes stronger and gains confidence as the movie moves along. He is very friendly with others in the community. But when addressed by the media or Apollo Creed he becomes quiet and emotionless. Before the heavy weight championship Rocky was a good fighter but never looked for help. He was just satisfied with being average. His girlfriend Adrian and friend Pauly lean on Rocky to keep them happy and not fighting all the time.
Apollo Creed
Apollo Archetype antagonist
1. neat dresser and concerned about his public image
2. determined to get things done
3. logical and strategic thinker
4. obsesses with his career
5. arrogant
6. identifies the aggressor when attacked
Apollo Creed was someone who believed he was the best fighter in the world. He dressed very well and put on a show before he entered the ring to fight Rocky. When trying to figure out who he was gonna fight Apollo looked through books with different fighters. As the fight began Apollo was just bouncing around and not taking it serious. When he realized Rocky was performing well and acting serious Apollo locked in and starting to take out Rocky.
Mickey Goldmill
Osiris Archetype
1. disciplined
2. healthy sense of who he is
3. strong spiritual belief system
4. stands up for what he believes in
5. tells people the truth even if harsh
6. pushes people to grow
When Rocky asks Mickey why he took away his locker Micky says that a better fighter earned his locker. He also says that Rocky could be a great fighter but does not work hard enough. As Mickey and Rocky train he gets pushed to new levels by Mickey. When Mickey tells Rocky how hard he worked to get where he is and knows what it takes to be the best.
Arian Pennino
Demeter Archetype
1. putts others ahead of herself
2. good listener
3. committed to family
4. takes things her family says personally
Adrian was very shy in the beginning of the movie until her brother introduced her to Rocky. When she meets Rocky her personality changes. When Rocky starts to think that he can't compete with Apollo he goes to Adrian to talk. She takes care of Rocky and her brother Paulie. When Paulie yells at Adrian she takes it very personally and runs to her room.
Paulie Pennino
Poseidon Archetype
1. loves his family and friends despite how he reacts to them
2. seeks revenge
3. trouble controlling his emotions
4. invades other peoples boundaries
5. takes things to extremes
6. self-centered
7. plays head games with people
8. ticking time-bomb
Paulie is a good friend to Rocky but he is very vocal and quick to judge. When Rocky is training for the fight Paulie brings the local news to show the public how he is preparing. Rocky does not want this but allows it for his friend. Paulie tries to get in the shot himself but is declined. When Adrian his sister and Rocky are talking about why Paulie did this he walks in on them. Paulie then jumps out of control and smashes furniture in the house. He then kicks Adrian and Rocky out of the house.
Tony Gazo
Apollo Archetype
1. neat dresser
2. strong will to get things done
3. strategic and logical thinker
4. arrogant
5. gives his attention to only those who can further his career
6. doesnt handle rejection well
When Tony says to break one of his gamblers thumbs for not paying his debt Rocky says no and does not do it. When Tony finds this out he talks to Rocky and says that he is ruining his reputation by not doing what he is being told. When Rocky is leaving the gym after preparing to fight Apollo, Tony gives him five hundred dollars for training expenses. He hopes that when Rocky becomes famous he will be remembered as someone who helped Rocky get his start.
Character Archetypes
Hero's Journey
The Ordinary World
Rocky begins in the town of Philadelphia as a local boxer. He lives in a small apartment in the poorer section.
The Call to Adventure
Apollo Creed, world class boxer, calls the local boxing studio to reach Rocky. When Rocky becomes aware of this he heads to the boxing promoter of Apollo Creed. He is then offered to fight Apollo Creed.
Refusal of the Call
When Rocky is offered the opportunity to fight Apollo he declines at first. He says the fight will not be very exciting.
Micky Goldman, the owner of the boxing studio comes to visit Rocky. He wants to become his manager and help prepare Rocky to fight Apollo Creed.
Crossing The First Threshold
When Rocky begins his training he realizes what he has to overcome to beat Apollo. He begins to run every morning to build stamina and practices his technique over and over again.
During this journey Rocky learns who his true friends are and his new found friendships. His friend Paulie starts to expose his techniques to the public through media. Micky and Rocky develop a strong bond. Adrian is his most important ally as she helps him discover what he can truly accomplish.
Approach to the Inmost Cave
When Rocky enters the stadium before the fight he begins to get doubts as to whether he can compete with Apollo.
The Supreme Ordeal
The fight between Rocky and Apollo begins.
After battling Apollo for multiple rounds Rocky is still standing.
The Road Back
As the fight begins to come to a close, Rocky hits the home stretch still fighting.
After both Apollo and Rocky fought a rough fight the judges voted Apollo as the champion. He is brought back to his ordinary world when Adrian comes to his side.
Return with the Elixir
Rocky reaches his goal of completing the fight and not being knocked out. This makes him a somebody in Philadelphia instead of one of the bums in the city.
The movie Rocky is a classic. It is so because the film makers do an excellent job with the archetypes. Each character is developed with the foundation of ancient myths. The audience can identify with Rocky and his love interest Adrian. The contrast of Rocky and Adrian and the journey that leads them to love resonates with the audience. It is the heart, the struggle, and the journey that keeps audiences coming back again and again.
Is Rocky a Hero?
Rocky is the ultimate hero. His character demonstrates how the ordinary man can overcome obstacles through determination, diligence, and heart. The audience can relate to the story line of the small and insignificant triumphing over the opponent that is larger than life. Rocky gives hope to all people.
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