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Gurvir Sanghera

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The book we are reading is called "Rise Of The Golden Cobra. Our novel is about a young boy named Nebi, who is on a mission to report a man named Nimlot who has commited a treason and slaughther innocent people. As Nebi goes on a mission to tell King Piankhy, Obstacles are up ahead.
Rise Of The Golden Cobra
By: Abigail, Gurvir, Khushi, Subhan
A video that represents my character trait is about a movie called battle at Los Angeles. when the enemies attacked Los Angeles and now after Nantz first battle the are risking their lives to save the people in Los Angeles.
A quote that represents my character trait is " I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it .The brave man is not he who doesn't feel afraid , but he conquers that fear.
Nebi shows he is brave he went to the war with the soldiers ,where he saw his enemy and went to kill his enemy Nimlot under the eyes of hundreds of soldiers.that were guarding him.
"There are two lives here : My life and the life of the message.If i die ,my family would care no one else.But if the message dies wih me many many people could suffer".he was brave to risk his life and go on to the king.
"I was scared when the ship bore down on me. then, when i thought i could die i wasn't scared
anymore".I was too busy it was strange.That show that nebi can give his life,and he is not afraid to give it for his people.
A image that can be used to display my character trait would be:
A climber who climbed the mount Everest and is skiing down from there.
Character Trait
A character trait that describes Nebi is Intelligent. When Nebi's life all of sudden turn into an adventure/mission, He aims to complete the wishes of his now deceased master.

Nebi is a very talented member of the army.
An image that can represent the character trait "talented" would be:
An award certified to someone representative of an achievement accomplished with their talent.
Evidence 1:
(Chapter 4 Page 37, Par:2)
"There are two lives here:my life and life and the life of the message. If i die, my family would care-no one else. But if the message dies with me-many, many people could suffer." This quote shows how persevered Nebi was to get the message to King Of Kush, Piankhy. Even when Nebi had no way of transportation, but foot, and no food supplies. He never gave up and he made it to the King Of Kush, Piankhy!

Nebi was proved that he was talented in the text by these quotes;

Evidence 1
"He has demonstrated that my trust and confidence in him were well placed. like you, he has earned a ribbon of merit. ..... He would like to promote your assistant to the officer corps. Lieutenant Second Class Nebamon (Nebi) will become the youngest officer in my army." - King Piankhy (Nebi achieved this rank with the talent he showed during the battle.)

Evidence 2
" 'Your arm is quick,' said Sheb at the end of Nebi's first training day." (With Sheb as a trainer, who personally is in millitary school, only someone with talent can get a positive comment on the first training day.)

Evidence 3
"He limped toward the horse..... He stuffed the clothes and the quiver into the saddle bag, then bound the spear to the skittish horse to a rock that was almost as high as the saddle." -Narrated (For a person who has never riden a horse, yet not even a hule, with a spear in his foo, Nebi expressed how talented he was.)
Dear Mom,
Though life here isn't easy, I am able to survive. With Nimlot as an enemy, the war is not like a small battle. Before I reached the King and got my place in the army, I can't believe what I did!
On my way to reaching the princess, I had some verbal conflict with Nimlot that actually helped me through the dessert. I admit I was rude by saying "who would want a sissy like you!", but it reacted as a weakness for Nimlot.
I had to use my brain to get out or else, forget about this position, I wouldn't even have met the princess!
I wish to see you and the family soon after the war is over!
Evidence 2:
(Chapter 2 Page 24, Par:5)
"If he fainted from the pain, he would be found at once, he knew. He would have to do something about the arrow. With sobbing breath breath, he threw himself on the ground, grasped the arrow's shaft with both his yanked. He yelped in agony". "He waited until the pain subsided a little, and did the next best thing. Clenching the arrow's shaft in his fists, he snapped it off as close to his leg as he could." In these two quotes it shows how even though Nebi had an arrow in his leg as he was screaming in agony he knew it was really important to send the message. Nebi never cared about his health and his pain, he put it to the side and focused on his goal which was the message. He was injured, had to walk through a dessert with no food supplies or transportation. Nebi was in a life or death situation, but Nebi forgot about all the Negative thoughts and focused on the positive thoughts. Like Nimlot stop chasing and he's close to a village and he made it to the princess kingdom alive. If i was in Nebi's shoes that time it would be very hard for me and i thing i would rarely make it!!!
a video that can represents Nebi as being talented would be:
Evidence 1
Nebi had trick Nimlot into falling of Hotep (a horse). Nebi stole Nimlot's clothing, and horse to tell King Piankhy the message.
Evidence 2
Chapter 5
This video shows one of the
things that Nebi was
known to be talented
for. (fighting/battling)
Chapter 2
Nebi's destination was to far to meet the king, so he decides to report the princess. Nebi made a smart choice because this shows that instead of risking his life to die because of dehydration and/or starvation in the dessert, He found another way to reach the king in a safe method by seeing his sister.
One Image that represents Nebi's Intelligence is this photo:
Evidence 3:
This photo express how a person constantly has ideas. Nebi had a mind of a lightbulb, that is usually turned on.
Chapter 7 Page 57, Par:5-6
"I don't want you poisoned, Wosmol explained. I gave the job of tasting your food to an old thief who's working off his sentence in the palace kitchen". "The next day supper did not come. It was midnight when Wosmol finally arrived. The taster died, he announced bitterly." "He clutched his belly and collapsed on the kitchen floor." These two quotes show even after Nebi knowing that someone wants to kill him and already poisoned his food, but Nebi got lucky. He still wanted to go to King Piankhy without a slight amount of fear. He just didn't care, this shows how determined Nebi was to achieve his goal, which was to tell the message to the king. The person who poisoned Nebi's food may have thought, Nebi would back off and not tell the King anything. But his plans failed because Nebi didn't really take it seriously and didn't really care. I think if it was someone else rather than Nebi, they would run away and go back and not take the risk. They would pick their life over the goal which is the message, which is what most of us would do if we were in that situation. But life is a risk, you always have to take a risk even if you are not sure what is going to happen and the consequences for it, that's what Nebi did. What he did is what you call PERSERVERANCE!!!
A video that represents Nebi's Intellgence in the following Video:
This video shows a commercial celebrating the place of perseverance in athletic disciplines, coinciding with the opening of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Vancouver 2010, but does not name the games or feature specific Winter Olympians. This video has a very strong subliminal message which you will see while you are watching which is it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. But remember When You Don't Give Up, You Cannot Fail!
In this Video, Akeelah is in a spelling bee competition, using her strategies to win the spelling bee. Compared to Nebi's Intelligence, Nebi also used his strategies to defeat and destroy Nimolot's plan.
This picture show how a person is climbing a cliff even when they are exhausted. Always remember, Success isn't given. It's Earned. On The Track, On The Field, In The Gym. With Blood, Sweat, And The Occasional Tear
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