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Jonathan Markgraf

on 11 September 2016

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Transcript of Giotto

Giotto Overview
Famous Works
Stefaneschi Triptych (Front Side)-It was commissioned by Cardinal Stefaneschi. It is an altarpiece in St. Peter's Basilica. It depicts Peter enthroned and flanked by saints, with the cardinal making an offering of the cathedral in miniature. Paul and James are on Peter's left and John and Andrew on his right.
Vassari's Lives. Vassari.
Publisher-Lawrence Torrentinus, 1908
Lamentation of Christ
. Wikipedia.
Madonna Enthroned.
Stefaneschi Triptych.

Lamentation of Christ.
. 9/8/2016
Madonna enthroned
. Wikiart
. 9/8/2016
Giotto Legacy
Knowing Dante personally moved his influences into literature along with pre-existing influence in art and architecture.
Because he painted and designed artwork in chapels and cathedrals all over Europe, he influenced art across the continent. Had he not lived, the art world would be very different.
Giotto was born on a farm in Florence, Italy in 1267 A.D. He began to sketch nature while on his farm. The painter Cimabue was impressed with his sketches and he helped him become famous. He traveled through Europe painting cathedrals and making art. Giotto is thought to be one of the first Renaissance artists. Giotto died in 1336 A.D.
Lamentation of Christ-
It hangs in the Scrovengni Chapel. It depicts the mourning of Jesus after the crucifixion. It is a part of the Scenes from the life of Christ.
Ognissanti Madonna-
The translation is
Madonna Enthroned.
It is considered the first Renaissance painting because of its use of naturalism and not being gothic. It is displayed in the Uffizi gallery in Florence. It portrays Mary holding baby Jesus surrounded by saints and angels.
Famous Works
Stefaneschi Triptych (Back Side)-It shows Jesus enthroned with the cardinal kneeling before Him with angels all around Him. On the left panel it shows Peter's crucifixion and on the right is depicts Paul's beheading. The predella has Mary holding baby Jesus with the twelve apostles around her.
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