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Laura Whiting

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of RADIO WAVES

Where is Radio Waves on the Electromagnetic Spectrum?
The wavelength, frequency and energy of a radio wave
Radio waves have the lowest frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum and are transverse waves with the longest wavelength. Radio waves also have low energy and are located at the start of the spectrum.
What are Radio Waves?
Radio waves are electromagnetic waves that are able to travel over long distances.
They are so important because they allow us to send information in coded form.

They are produced by rapidly vibrating electrons.

Human health risks due to exposure of radio wave radiation
What are radio waves used for?
The main purpose of radio waves is to wirelessly send information from one place to another using different types of media.
One use of Radio Waves
When you talk to someone on your mobile phone, it uses radio waves to send your voice information to a special base station that picks up the signal. The base station then turns the signal into code and sends a signal back to the mobile. That means that the station is nearby and in range therefore the phone can make calls.

Each station can receive the signals from a number of phones in an area ranging from 500 metres to 30 kilometres. As you move around the phone flips between stations to receive the best signal.
Computers, radios, space communication and ship navigation all need radio waves.

Thank you
Nausea, bleeding, facial redness, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, joint and muscle pain are all symptoms which can lead to numerous cancers such as leukaemia which are the main effects of exposure.

• Broadcast antennas (mobile);
• Radar devices (mobile);
• Television cables;
• Satellites;
• Satellite receiving dishes;
• Satellite sending dishes;
• Cell phones,
• pagers,
• two-way radios.

• cordless telephones;
• wireless computers and their base units;
• wired computers;
• televisions;
• microwave ovens;
• security systems;
• remote controls;
• fax machines,
• answering machines,
• CD players and other digital equipment;
• (in automobiles) ignition systems

Technology or behaviors that can be used for protection, or to decrease exposure
Measures that can be taken to reduce exposure include moving the phone away from the body, such as when texting, which results in very much lower exposures than if a phone is held to the head.

Never stand or stay in front of something that has radio wave radiation such as microwaves for longer then you need to and even better don’t stand or stay in front of them. Most places with extremely high exposure to radio wave radiation are inaccessible to humans such as areas where large satellite dishes are.
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