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Chapter 10 - How beautiful!

Latin - Minimus

Andrea Dignon

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 10 - How beautiful!

Chapter 10 - conjunctions! How Beautiful! Before we begin... The Romantic Ring The Midas Touch! let's look at our "words to help". In this picture story: Pandora is helping Lepidina dress. My precious.... :) "everything he touches, turns to gold!" What is a conjunction? a conjunction is a joining word that brings two phrases together "mmm..coffee!" Our conjunctions: sed: but
quod: because
et: and
quamquam: although Our vocabulary: Parts 1 & 2 gratias tibi ago: I thank you
capillamentum: wig
capilli: hair
aures: ears
unguentum: lip gloss
gemmae: jewels
diu: for a long time in cubiculo: in the bedroom
anulus: ring
pretiosus: valuable
cur?: why?
aureus: made of gold
a patre tuo: from your father
haec verba: these words
anima mea: my life / my soul
amatorius: romantic
ubi?: where? "quam pulchra es" "sede et specta" "quid hoc est?" "nunc...sed..." "quid hoc est?" "quamquam Pandora
diu laborat..." "euge!" "Rufe! improbus es" *Remember: the phrases are longer because two sentences are joined by conjunctions!* "..et.." "pretiosus est.." "quod aures est." "..a patre tuo est." "quid haec
verba sunt?" "quam amatorius est!" **Where have we seen 'anima mea' before? In this story, we meet King Midas, who was granted a wish by the god Bacchus. Bacchus gave him the ability to turn everything he touched to gold...hmmm...do you think this was a good thing? What does that say about Midas that all he wanted was to be able to turn things to gold? Greed..... It happens every time you walk into a store. You might have gone in just to buy a loaf of bread, but there sitting in front of you are shelves of candy, videos, games, toys, clothes – everything you ever wanted tempting you, pleading with you, buy me! Buy me! Your eyes feast on the objects. Then you look up at your mom with a question in your eyes. “Mom, can I have….?” Suddenly, it’s not about buying bread anymore. It’s all about you. Without realizing it – you have just developed a case of the greedies! Luke 12:15 - "Then he said to them, 'be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.'" the story's a little off in the video, but you get the idea!
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