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Symbols of the US 2nd Grade

Brief descritption of the US symbols for a 2nd grade classroom

Lauren Madlener

on 4 December 2016

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Transcript of Symbols of the US 2nd Grade

American Symbols -13 Stripes
-Each stands for one of the
original 13 colonies
-Each star = 1 state
-Colors are red, white, and blue American
Flag Bald Eagle - Our National Bird
- Represents strength,
courage, and freedom
- We see it on the
President's Flag and the
one dollar bill - Gift from France on July 4, 1884
- France liked our idea of Freedom
- Torch stands for freedom
- Tablet has the Deceleration of
Independence on it
- Located in New York Statue of Liberty Mount Rushmore - Located in South Dakota
- Honors 4 Presidents:
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Theodore Roosevelt
Abraham Lincoln - Made in London
- Rang when Declaration of
Independence was signed
- The Bell is cracked!
- Hangs in Philadelphia Liberty Bell Lincoln Memorial -Monument in
Washington DC
-Honors President
Abraham Lincoln Washington Monument - Dedicated to
George Washington
- Located in
Washington, DC
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