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when the sun goes down analysis

No description

Ollie Dingley

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of when the sun goes down analysis

When the sun goes down
-Arctic Monkeys

Camera Shots
As the song progresses the camera shots begin to speed up, we also see a lot more of the "Scumbag"'s face, we can assume he represents terror as madness begins to spiral out of control showing drugs, prostitution and abuse towards the end of the video.
Mythical Embodiment
"When the sun goes down" Is a perfect representation of the modern bard, the music completely correlates to the video and vice versa, both allow us to understand more of the story behind the characters as well as their part in the video.
The video continues to progress at a faster and faster pace, as the girl is doing a drug deal, selling herself, being abused by her boyfriend the shots are all quite quick, this is to emphasise the horror of the girls position. At the beginning of the video a quotation is displayed "Right beside us are the ones hidden in the night" This aids the idea of the modern bard.
In the parts that Turner is singing sadly the girl mirrors his emotion, but as the tempo fastens it allows us to see the girl as an outsider as she walks by herself. As the song ends we fade out from a shot of the girl and this aids the viewer to understand her despair.
Overall the video embodies the typical bard, it's a clear representation of story through sound and video, both aiding to tell the story of a girl that's wretched with the lower class night life as well as survival, with clever editing, sound and camera shots the "Arctic Monkeys" were able to represent a gruesome life of a young, drug addicted, abused prostitute well
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