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Impact Project

No description

Luke Bohni

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Impact Project

Victoria's 1st specialist science, mathematics and associated technologies school
JMSS is a select entry school with a difference. We select students into year 10 based on passion for science.

Students are highly motivated, engaged and, let's face it, nerdy.

They also have very high expectations on themselves and can often struggle with our more demanding curriculum.
John Monash Science School
I like to think that I am up to speed with technology and programming.

Really, I'm not.

But I know people who are. Two of our teachers in particular are really interested in this and so I recruited them to help me write a script.

This was our first major obstacle. If the spreadsheets couldn't provide the feedback to students then the 'moving on maps' would be irrelevant.

After a few minor hiccups, it now works and we have visions of making it even better... but that's another story
Impact Project
Reinventing Student Feedback in Mathematics
My idea was to use the spreadsheets that we kept to identify the key skills that students were displaying (or not displaying) and then feed this back to students automatically through a Google Script.

Students would be given feedback on which key skills they need to focus on which when coupled with a 'moving on map' that we would develop, would give them an idea of what they can do to move on to the next level.
My Impact Project
Three projects
In order to turn my idea into reality there were a few different things that I needed to do.

I broke these up into 3 areas:

Developing a spreadsheet capable of providing feedback to students
Getting the maths teaching team to not only support the project but believe in the project
Develop the 'moving on maps' to assist students in answering that question of 'how do I move on?'
The next challenge was to get the teaching team to, firstly, agree to using this form of feedback and, secondly, support it and persevere with this feedback for the entire year.

It worked, or is working... we are trialling it with our year 12 classes and so far so good.

We are continuing to monitor student thoughts and feelings about the feedback through our continued student voice project and so far, they have been very positive about it.
Teaching Team
Luke Bohni
Assistant Head of Mathematics
Last year I began a project designed to develop student voice from our senior mathematics classes.

Feedback from students told us that they really valued the one-on-one teacher feedback but often felt lost after an assessment item and wanted to know...

"how do I move on?"

This gave me an idea...
The idea...
As a faculty we keep very detailed Google Spreadsheets that allow us to keep track of student results and perform detailed analysis of their performances.

Unfortunately, this information was not available to students and was only being used to inform teaching rather than learning.
I told our Faculty Leader and now I am leading a small team of maths teachers to develop and implement this idea
The moving on maps are still in development and myself and another group of teachers passionate about SOLO Taxonomy and the development of these documents are trying to find time to meet and create these maps.

There is already 1 map created but at
least another 4 to go and probably a lot of refinement as well.

Moving on Maps
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