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The Bourne Identity

Analysis of The Bourne Identity - 2002

Caitlin Forster

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity
In the opening scene to this film,
there is a mixture of different shots. These
differ between close up shots, mid shots, long shots and low angle shots.
Close up shots
Mid shots
Long shots
Low Angled shots
By using various different shots in the opening scene such as long shots, mid shots, close up shots and low angled shots creates a fast past, action packed effect which will get the audience thinking as well as pin pointing the main characters. It also gives the audience a clear understanding on what type of thriller this movie is and creates an enigma for the rest of the plot.
Car chase
Foot on ladder
Passport photo
Main character
Main character fighting
Main character with gun
Explosion one
Main character
Explosion two
Main character climbing building
Main character climbing building
Main character climbing building
Throughout this opening scene, the different clips have been edited closely together to create a fast paced introduction to the film. Where as some clips last for a split of a second, another lasts just over ten. This helps the audience identify what type of movie this is and introduces the main aspects that are expected to be found during the film (main character, car chases, fighting, explosions, action ect).
The transitions used are straight cuts.
Throughout the opening, a map has been edited on top of the different shots. This creates mystery and wonder for the audience as they begin to challenge why the map is there.

There is also a target edited in on the main character's face which suggests that the character is being hunted down or there is a chase happening which might incise the audience in and helps build the enigma.
Map edited in
Target edited in
Credits such as Actor's names, director name, film title ECT are used throughout the whole opening.

The first credits used have been edited in so that the words jump a little as if it representing remembrance and mystery.

The film title has been edited so the words bump into each other then flashes to create mystery and includes the concept of memory.
The film title
The clips used have been edited in blue. As the colour blue represents knowledge, power and seriousness, it shows the audience that this film is quite in depth and has a clear pattern of what the audience should expect to see and feel throughout this thriller.

This colour used is more effective for this type of film than any other colour such as yellow or green.

The only sound used throughout the opening is the non diegetic background music.
The music starts off at a slower pace, the main instrument being drums, but eventually speeds as more action clips are used, increasing the number of instruments.

This music indicates that this movie is action packed and fast which might appeal to the audience.
Mise -en-Scene
Throughout the opening, mise-en-scene is used to help set the different scene, characters and helps define what type of movie this is.

In the opening, the different settings we see are those outside (streets, buildings trees, cars ECT) and some footage inside buildings (perhaps an airport, train station).

These settings are used to set the scene and shows the audience that outside and transport stations are a key aspect of the movie. It creates an enigma and mystery.

Outside (snowy)
Outside (snowy)
The props used in this opening gives away a lot of the plot. Props such as guns, cars, passport, ladder, computer ECT creates the idea that this film is very action based and leaves the audience wanting to find out more about the film.
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