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Surreal Handscapes

No description

Kate Stieren

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Surreal Handscapes

What's going on in this image? How would you describe it?
How do you create a surrealist landscape?
Consider unusual proportions
Create bizarre settings
Realistic landscape with dream like imagery
Combine random objects and juxtapose them next to one another
Your handscape must include observational drawings of at least 2 hands
Hands are drawn in a realistic style, juxtaposed by a surreal environment
The Surrealists
The surrealists formed in Paris in 1924 in response to the tragedies and turmoil of WWI
The artists were looking for an escape as well as a reform from the existing art world
They were interested in dreams, trances, hallucinations and altered states
The group experimented with hypnosis and automatic writing and sketching, made unconsciously
Mix of realism and distorted dreamlike imagery (many surreal paintings are set in a realistic landscape)
In your sketchbook...
Describe the most bizarre dream you have ever had
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