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will manali tom WBC tok

TOK presentation by Will, Manali, Tom

Manali Banerjee

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of will manali tom WBC tok

Westboro Baptist Church By Will, Manali, and Tom Freedom of Speech/Expression Main
Knowledge Issue To what extent does freedom entitle one to act discriminantly towards others? For WBC Against WBC "I don't hate them, I really just feel sorry for them" "Their thoughts and feelings are vulgar and disrespectful, not to mention crass" "Homosexuality and the acceptance of it is not one of the seven sins, but hate is." Supreme Court WBC's own opinions Funeral

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2010. Web. 18 Apr. 2011. <http://www.aolnews.com/2010/04/01/
oreilly-joins-marines-dad-in-battle-over-funeral-protest/>. Signs Context Freedom/Laws Lady Gaga Megan Phelps-Roger created a parody of Lady Gaga’s song “Telephone” and said Gaga was destined for hell for being a devil spawn. WBC members: "Keep your eye on this silly woman, as she and the Beast Obama are good examples of what you all love most about this vile nation." Preaching love to all the protestors who were outside her concert. Actions Counter-protest People protest against the WBC - holding signs saying "we hate haters" and such There are now counter protestors at almost all WBC picketing locations. Law Suits Albert Snyder "It was bad enough that they reversed the decision, but then to tell me I had to pay them money so they can do this to more military funerals, that's what hurts the most," Supreme court usually rules in favor of WBC because of the rights granted in the first amendment Is there a limit to freedom of expression? Should freedom of expression be used as an method to insult the general public? Should funerals get special treatment regarding freedom of expression? What about military? Is using freedom of expression in such a manner degradation of the law? Why is freedom of privacy not an existent law? How does emotion play a role in what we consider discriminatory? At what point does discrimination and bias get in the way of our reasoning? When does freedom of expression become a hindrance towards others? How can the permitance of freedom of expression affect our emotions? Can freedom of expression sometimes be overused? At what point does expressing your opinions become invaluable? Justice Samuel Alito: "personal attacks on dead soldiers. First amendment allows recovery for defamatory statements that are interspersed with nondefamatory statements on matters of public concern" Should speech protected in the first amendment immunize actionable speech?
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