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my perceptions

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of my perceptions

my perceptions
my Perceptions!

Over 50% are married
70% live in the city
90% of children go to privite schools
65% own cars
45% of Australains use internet
85% play sport
Census Data
two children, 2 Adults, 2 Cars per family,Average age 0-14 19.3%, 65 over 19%,90% live in city's, Professionals are the most popular job 21.3%, 60 live in states or capital teritory, 2.6% people live in a house, 5,684,062 familys
Paragraph 1
From the I collected from the Bureau of Statistics I concluded that an average Australian is a female. The average Australian is aged 37years old and is married. They have 2 kids aged between 6 and 9. They live in capital city's and go to public schools. The parents work each day and get paid 72,000 a year. The parents each have a car and have a license to drive. The children play 2 sports and play an instrument. The family own a 2 story house with a pool a pet and have internet.

have 1 dog, Live in brisbane, go on holidays, live in the city, Nundah
,play 4 sports, afl club, Kedron lions
,Rugby union club Norths eagels
2 cars, go to privite school
OLA,Im 11,2 story house
year 5, catholic
speak 1 language
Jacks Geography
Where people are born
England 25.9%, Australia 25.4%, Irish 7.5%, 6.4% Scottish, Italian 3.3%,
74% live in a house,
48% live in a unit,
Australian Citizen 69.8%,
Married 48.7%, separated 3.0%, Divorced 8.4%, Holidays indonesia-Bali 13%,New Zealand 12%, USA 11%, Thailand 7%, Fiji 5%,
Malaysia 4%, Italy 2%

Paragraph 2
I Am a is a Average Australian because we have similarities and differences like I have 2 parents that are married and 1 pet. We own a 2 story house and have 2 cars. We live in the city and play sport. We are catholic and our parents work. We have internet and go on holidays and have internet.

My perceptions has changed because now I know that a family has 4 people and a hard working women that’s get paid. I also Know that most kids go to public schools.
Paragraph 3
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