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No description

Abby Matte

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Gratefulness

Wreath: The circular shape of the wreath represents eternity, an unending circle of life.
I am grateful for my religion. Being a catholic is very special to me. i love knowing that god is watching over me and that his love for me is unconditional. i feel like i would be lost without my faith.
I am Grateful for netflix because it has made my life better. Being able to watch my favorite tv shows, and some movies, is very special. netflix was an investment that i do not regret at all.
I am grateful for my favorite band vampire weekend. i love their music so much. their three albums are constantly playing in my car and all of their music is on my phone. their music is very upbeat and happy which i enjoy very much. i love all of these boys.
I am very grateful for my niece, finlee. Since she was born, she has been the most important person to in my life. I love her so very much.
Advent Colors:
Purple - Symbolizes repentance and fasting; also a color of royalty
Pink - Symbolizes Joy and celebration
Jesse Tree: Helps us with the story of Jesus' Birth. The ornaments tell the
story of god in the OT and connects the advent season with his faithfulness
Waiting: this is important to the advent season because we are waiting for the coming of Jesus, the son of god, so that one day he can redeem the world
I am grateful for my

team, the
sweethearts. I love
all my girls. they have
become like sister to
me. they have made
these past four years
Vampire weekend
I am grateful for sushi because it is my favorite food. my favorite type of roll is the California roll. i could eat sushi everyday at any time of the day and never get sick of it.
i am grateful for my friends. they make my life better and they never fail to make me laugh. i love spending my time with them. they make my life great.
i love my dogs very much. i enjoy playing with them and cuddling with them.
Music play a very special role in my life. i love music. i have to listen to it everyday. music allows you to just let go and have fun. i am in a different world when i am listening to my music.
last, but not least, i am thankful for my family. without my family, my life would be nothing. they are some of the most important people in my life. they help me, love me, and encourage me. they made me who i am today. they are who i am most grateful for.
My family only has one tradition. that tradition is spending every Christmas eve at my grandma's house with the family. my dad always cooks and by the end of the night we exchange presents.
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