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Compare and Contrast of "LA Boheme" and "Rent"

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moriah croffut

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast of "LA Boheme" and "Rent"

Rent and La Boheme
Compare and Contrast of "LA Boheme" and "Rent"
a dramatic work set to music
Acting along with singing
Rodolfo and his friends are all living in Paris working with the arts, and on Christmas eve, Mimi knocks on the door asking for a light so she could return to her aparment because her candle had blown out, and with one touch of her hand Rodolfo falls in love with her. They end up being together but Rodoflos jealousy begins to ruin their relationship. Mimi overhears Rodolfo speaking to Marcello about how he has no money to provide for mimi, and overhearing this, Mimi aproaches Rodolfo and bids him goodbye. But the couple is so heartbroken that they pledge to stay together until spring, but once springtime comes Mimi grows very sick and dies and rodolfo is the last one to hear of the news.
Characters Of La Boheme
Rodolfo, a poet, his friends Marcello, a painter, Schaunard, a musician, and Colline, a philosopher, Mimi, Marcello, Musetta, and Alcindoro
song list

a few of the songs from the opera include:

La Barrière d'Enfer

Que facevi? Que dicevi?

O Mimi, tu più non torno
E Schaunard non torna

Signorina Mimì, che dono raro

Characters from "Rent"
Mark Cohen, Roger Davis, Mimi Marquez, Tom Collins, Angel Dumott Schunard, Joanne Jefferson, Maureen Johnson, and Benjamin Johnson
Storyline of "Rent"
Tells the story of a group of bohemians struggling financially in modern day new york, and the story is centered around Mark and Roger who are roomates. The story deals with loss, love, and aids. It's like a more modern version of "La Boheme"
Some of the songs include:

Light my Candle
Santa Fe
I'll Cover You
We're Okay
Christmas Bells
Over The Moon
La Vie Boheme
I Should Tell You
sons Of Love
Happy New Year
Take Me Or Leave Me

Angel dies, so there is a sad ending much like in La Boheme,
The ending is sad because Mimi grows sick and dies and Rodolfo if one of the last ones to find out about it
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