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Amelia Capper

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of HI

Amelia's egg-periment

This is my experiment and I'm going to show you how it went and why I think it did what it did!
Experiment No. 1
on my first experiment I placed my egg at the rim of the glass and dropped it in.The egg slowly sunk to the bottom of the glass like it should have.(unless it was rotten)
No. 2
On my second experiment I dropped the egg again but this time the egg didn't do what it was supposed to it sunk just like the first one so I tried to figure out what was wrong whether the egg was too cold or the water to cold I finally figured it out .I had to stir the salt in so it dissolved. Finally the egg floated .
No. 3
My third experiment started very much the same as my second experiment except it was half a glass. It floated finally when I stirred it .When I poured more water over top the egg stayed at the level it original was not passing were I pored the salt in!
Why I think the eggs floated
I think the eggs behaved like this because 1 molecule of water is made up of three atoms (2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom).
There are thousands of molecules in a glass of water but they never stop moving. In order to move there must be room or gaps in the water for the molecules to move into .When you pour the salt into the water it fills up those gaps making it harder to move .This is because the water is denser than before . When I put my egg in the salty water the molecules aren't moving much because the gaps are filled up by salt and therefore the egg stays on the top ( this is called surface tension) .The egg will stay above the denser water or as much as possible e.g half a glass of water has the salt in it if you add water on top it is less dense on the top half because no salt was put there .If you put salt at the bottom of the glass then pore water over top it would be denser at the bottom so the egg would stay just above the bottom making it a bad example for your experiment .The first egg had no salt in it therefor no surface tension making it sink to the bottom because of its weight.
I made this based on my prior knowledge -Thanks for reading!
-made by Amelia Capper
Amelia Capper's

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