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Equality's Escape

No description

Gabriel valencia

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Equality's Escape

Living in a world where people could never be themselves and people work for the good of everyone one else. Equality looks to escape however there are many obstacles which makes his escape like a maze Whats that dripping down my back Equality gets whipped for being out too long and
not doing his job. He is sent to the detention facility
where he is whipped. He continues to stay strong and not tell what he has been doing. That was Easy Equality breaks way from for his detention center
and runs to the house of the scholars and tells them about the light that he has found and presents it to them as a gift. Where am I Equality runs away into the forest by himself and feels relieved that he is not in that society. The next morning when he wakes up he laughs because he knows he does not have to do any work. I'm Free Equality is finally free of his old society which has taught him nothing and he is free to explore the world and also raise his kid. New Finding Equality finds the hole and explains to his "brothers"
that the council does not know of his hole so it cannot
be forbidden. Equality is starting to gain some of his objectivism traits. I'm not telling you
Equality does not want to tell the council about his
hole and what he found because he knows that if he does they will punish him and take it away. This would also prevent him from become a scholar like he wants to be. Really bro ... Really The scholars reject his idea because of the fact that he worked on it alone and your supposed to do thing together and for everybody. Equality gets mad and runs way to the forest Liberty ? Equality meets up with liberty who turns out has followed him to where he is. Equality feels overwhelmed and kisses her. This is the start of their long life together. Changing of names.... and a Baby ? Equality changes his name to Prometheus which was a god that held light. He changes Liberty's name to Gaea which mean mother. This is because Liberty is Pregnant.
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