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Bronx Energy Efficiency

No description

Gabriella Stern

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Bronx Energy Efficiency

Bronx Energy Efficiency
presented by
Sustainable South Bronx

Inefficient Indicators
1. High Energy Bills
2. Drafts, Dust, and Damp spaces
3. Mold, Mildew, and Musty Odors
4. Hot and Cold Rooms

Is BE2 right for me?
must own a 1-4 unit residential building
can provide a 12 month summary of home energy usage
readiness to make a green investment
willingness to work with be2 team and certified contractors
1. What's in an Audit?
First step toward energy savings!

Audit performed by certified energy efficiency contractor

Inspection of air leaks, insulation, and CO2

The report will highlight the best recommendations and financial packages

Many Bronx homes are under-insulated, drafty, and have inefficient heating and cooling systems, causing homes to lose 40%-60% of the energy that is produced.
Why energy efficiency ?
Common Retrofit Solutions

Wall Insulation
Heating/Cooling system upgrades
Window and Door replacements
2. Funding Resources
3. The Installation
Community Benefit
Thank you. Questions?

Ricardo Lopez. rlopez@ssbx.org

NYS Subsidy
Cashback. Automatic 10% subsidy maximum of $3000
Low Interest Financing
NYSERDA offers a 3.49% (with autopay) interest monthly loan repayment to cover the remainder of the retrofit
Energy efficienct upgrades can save you at least $700 each year on your energy bills.
Reduce your personal carbon footprint
Your home will become a closed system where your money is well spent
your assessment will indicate which solutions are right your home; not all are guaranteed.
Income Eligibility
Homeowner can receive 50% subsidized retrofit or maximum $5000

Tenants can help multifamily building owners qualify

Let your energy savings pay for the cost of the retrofit!
easy process
Your Neighbors Agree!
apply for free home energy assessment
determine appropriate financing programs and subsidies
Approval and Installation
On Bill Recovery Loan
“Trust the process: It is the best investment a homeowner can make. Working with SSBx gave me all the confidence I need.” -homeowner
non invasive
professional and clean
guaranteed energy reduction
Date of Retrofit: Jan 2012
Building Type: 3 unit home
Square Footage: 2460/unit
Contractor: Apex Engineering
Total Cost of Retrofit: $22,355
Projected Annual Savings: $2613
Actual Savings:

Robert Gardella, Senior Program Manager, Association for Energy Affordability

Victoria Garwood, Homeowner/Bronx Resident

Max Joel, NYSERDA EDGE Regional Outreach Contractor, Solar One

Energy savings after a home retrofit can produce significant savings in your yearly budget

"every dollar invested in efficiency, results in $2.53 in energy and non-energy benefits for a community" -american council for energy efficient economy

Demand for energy efficiency creates demand for green jobs, like our BEST academy.

Support local business
Project Timeline
within 10 days:

1. Fill out paperwork
2. Application for subsidy and financing
3. Audit application approval
within 20 days:

4. Audit scheduled within 3 days of approval
5. Audit performed (3 hours)
6. Audit report completed
7. Review of Report (1 hour)
within 30-50 days:

8. Contract signed and approved
9. Retrofit and Installation
EmPower New Yorkers
provides no cost energy efficient solutions to income eligible New Yorkers
-At 60% or below NYS medium income
improvements include new lighter, new energy efficient appliances, insulation, and draft reduction
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