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Code Talker

No description

oskar cardenas

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Code Talker

By Joseph Bruchac
Code Talker
Code Talker takes place during the time of WWII, one of the bloodiest wars ever. It takes place in America, Hawiai and Japan. After Japan attacked the U.S., the military needed a secure means of communication for the war in the Pacific. They turned to Native Americans and their language for coded messages.
Time and Place
Main character
The major challenge for Ned Beggey was that he had to land on islands such as Iwo Jima, in the wide open, getting shot at by people that he could not even see. Once on land, he had to get to a relatively secure position from which he could send and receive the codes. His fellow marines depended on him to do his job correctly while being under attack.
Major challenge
Prezi by: Oskar Cardenas

was sixteen and in high school he lied about his age to join the marine corps
The main character is named Ned Begay, a navajo marine during WWII. Ned was forced to go to boarding school when he was six years old because they didn't have schools on the Navajo reservation. When he was just sixteen and in high school he lied about his age to join the marine corps.

Alphabets (English) Code Language (English) Code Language (Navajo) Modern spelling
A Ant Wol-la-chee Wóláchííʼ
B Bear Shush Shash
C Cat Moasi Mósí
D Deer Be Bįįh
E Elk Dzeh Dzeeh
F Fox Ma-e Mąʼii
G Goat Klizzie Tłʼízí
H Horse Lin Łį́į́ʼ
I Ice Tkin Tin
J Jackass Tkele-cho-gi Téliichoʼí
K Kid Klizzie-yazzi Tłʼízí yázhí
L Lamb Dibeh-yazzi Dibé yázhí
M Mouse Na-as-tso-si Naʼastsʼǫǫsí
N Nut Nesh-chee Neeshchʼííʼ
O Owl Ne-ash-jah Néʼéshjaaʼ
P Pig Bi-sodih Bisóodi
Q Quiver Ca-yeilth kʼaaʼ yeiłtįįh
R Rabbit Gah Gah
S Sheep Dibeh Dibé
T Turkey Than-zie Tązhii
U Ute No-da-ih Nóódaʼí
V Victor a-keh-di-glini Akʼehdidlíní
W Weasel Gloe-ih Dlǫ́ʼii
X Cross Al-an-as-dzoh Ałnáʼázdzoh
Y Yucca Tsah-as-zih Tsáʼásziʼ
Z Zinc Besh-do-gliz Béésh dootłʼizh
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