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How are we invited to read characters or places?

Sarah Hewitt

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Representation

What are the CONNOTATIONS? Costume Dishevelled appearance, suggesting maybe his appearance isn't as important as the job, or
Has personal issues that prevent him being able to focus on his appearance.
Is too emotional to think about appearances.
Doesn't care, just wants to get the job done. Facial Expressions Looks very intense and emotional, connoting an intense interest in his work, or
emotional instability. What else? consider the way the character walks, or any noticeable physical habits.
how do the other characters react around the character being analysed?
when and where do we most often see the character?
Does the way the character is presented seems at odds with the general style of the TV crime drama e.g. Poirot was always immaculately dressed whatever the circumstances.
Representation How do we read characters or places in TV Crime Drama? What is DENOTED?
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