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The interview

No description

Alvin Quinteros

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of The interview

Tiyani Hutchinson
Alvin Quinteros
Desiree Quist
They hate us, 'cause they anus.
I'm Kim Jong-un
Big talk from an indecent man
Friday, February 20, 2015
Vol I, No. I
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Sony under attack!
The Daily Interview
"...Korea said, "9/11 style attacks will happen" if the movie continues
"For weeks Sony was being hacked..."
"...but President Obama sent a direct message to Jong-un and said the United States would "respond proportionally.""
Assassination Mission?
Tiffany Shires
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Yan, Holly, and Ben Brumfield. "North Korea Lambasts U.S. over 'The Interview,' Says Obama Is the 'culprit' - CNN.com." CNN. Cable News Network, 29 Dec. 2014. Web. 23 Feb. 2015. <http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/27/world/asia/north-korea-the-interview-reaction/>.

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Do you ever feel like an atomic bomb
Smelling nuclear weapons, all up in the air
Do you ever feel, like life isn’t fair
Making movies about me. I don't want anyone to see!
Do you ever feel, feel so unaccepted
My father hates me, and my brothers wish that i would die.
But do you know what U.S.
You were wrong
Cause i have hackers, and there on the way
I just gonna give the signal
with one command

Chorus (Repeat 2x)
Cause baby I’m Kim Jon Un!
I’m the leader of North Korea
My people think I’m a god
Cause i brainwash them everyday

You didn’t have to make, that stupid movie
I was so offended
Because their acting sucked
Maybe you think that
My militaries weak
If you only knew
About the nukes i have
I will blow you up,
So you won’t movies that
I’ll make sure nobody seeks

Like Al Qaeda BOOM!!!
Your house will blow
And before you realize it
You’ll bleed slowly
And choke on dirt
And then you’ll die from that attack

Chorus 2x

You filthy Americans
You know you had it coming soon
Now it’s time for you to feel my wrath

Chorus 2x

You filthy Americans (Repeat 2x)

(To the tune of Katy Perry's - Firework)

The interview is a satirical comedy about two journalists trying to change their typical career path from interviewing people who have no impact on the world to interviewing people that do, like Kim Jong Un. interviewing North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, which suddenly turns into an assassination mission for the two of them because the two journalists are American citizens and America is not on good terms with North Korea. This happened when the FBI found out about the interview and quickly took the opportunity to breach them on what they were forced to do. Once this movie was about to hit theaters the actual North Korean government aimed to stop it, Kim’s orders. To stop the movie’s release the North Koreans used harsh methods and aggression to stop the public from seeing another side of them. Kim ordered his hacking team to hack into Sony the company that made the movie, and later threaten an attack similar to 9/11 on the United States, if the movie was released. According to CNN, and Shin Sang-ok this isn’t the first time North Korean officials tried to stop the making and watching of films that were not in their favor, it is simply one of many.
Shin Sang-ok one of South Korea’s most famous film makers was a 51 year old man who was pretty washed up now. His studio went bankrupt and then he and his wife, famous actress Choi Eun-hee, later on divorced. Years later Shin Sang-ok and his ex wife got kidnapped by the North Koreans. Later on the ex- couple’s career was revived told in Paul Fischer’s book, “A Kim Jong-Il Production.” Fischer who was also a film producer, who lived in London, was moved to write a book on Choi who was now 87 and is living in comparative poverty in Seoul (Paul Fischer). Choi was all up for Fisher s idea about writing a story on her, but she was afraid to be kidnapped by the North Koreans again. Shin and Choi were finally reunited by Kim in the year of 1983. Kim called for the film “The Interview” to be banned from being seen (Mike Doherty). Kim later on ordered of the hacking on Sony Pictures Productions of The Interview (Kim Jong-un). Since this, everyone is a bit freaked out about making films on North Korea. (This paragraph was written by Tiyani)
According to a CNN article by Ben Brumfield when Kim Jong-un heard about the movie, The Interview, he made rude statements toward Barack Obama and began to mock the movie, but then took it to more serious actions. Korea sent a very short and sweet message to the United States stating that if Sony did proceed to publish the movie and keep the billboards up advertising The Interview that 9/11 style attacks would happen (Brumfield, CNN). North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, said this was a threat, and a promise and if anything did continue on, it would happen. On December 18th, 2014 Sony took down all billboards that had to do with the movie and decided it’d be best not to show it on Christmas day. When Kim Jong-un found out about not one, but two movies about his country and himself, he took it to an extreme level. For weeks Sony was being hacked, but no one knew by whom. Sony’s files were then published out to the internet for everyone to see (Yan Brumfield, CNN). Minor and major files including: private communications, new films including their scripts and actors/actress, and company workers Social Security Numbers and passwords to hundreds of accounts. The FBI was then contacted and tracked it down to a headquarters in North Korea. BY then damage was done, but President Obama sent a direct message to Jong-un and said the United States would "respond proportionally (Michael Ip).”
The severity of Korea’s response are extremely unacknowledged. The Interview is seen by many as offensive because it mocks North Koreans in an aggressive manner. The extent to which was taken completely serious as Kim Jong-un acted upon the movie before it was even released. The movie itself raises attention and curiosity to problems with North Korea. The filmmakers certainly did all in their power to get their point across and to raise awareness. Threats to releasing the movie didn’t do much as it was still released in some theaters and made easily accessible online. All attempts to stop the release like the hacks, merely slowed down the release. Since the U.S. as a country, believes in free speech and the right to artistic expression, President Obama is in full support of Sony’s decision.

Sony-1 North Korea-0
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