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School - A Simple Concept?


Ray Van Geel

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of School - A Simple Concept?

John Dewey, an educational philosopher,
said school was supposed to create and sustain human capital. He was right!
When a son or daughter heads off to school they go with certain expectations. Parents have expectations too. They expect it will be what they think school is supposed to be.
Kids think school is the same as they have seen on t.v. They think is will be the same as the pictures they have seen of their parent's school.
Parents expect that their child will experience school just like they did. There may be a computer in the room but there will also be books and tests and studying to do.
What is school supposed to be like?
Exactly what is school supposed to do?
so... off they go
This is how human capital was created and sustained when the edcuation system was designed.
This is the design for education that allowed us to fully realize the success of the industrial revolution. Look familiar?
How does a graduate in the 21st century create and sustain their human capital?
What skills should they have?
Technology user
Make Connections
Problem Solver
A classroom of the future
A Modern Classroom
A Traditional
What school will look like depends on many different things.
The Government
What do our political leaders think
the school system should look like?
Local School Board
Does the school board have a vision for education?
Is it progressive?
The Community
Is the Community active in the school? Do community members make their voices heard?
Classroom Teacher
Does the teacher strive for best practice? Is the teacher well trained and supported?
The Student
And what about the student? What do they want? What do they bring? What do they deserve?
What if the system falls short?
Where do we go then...
Media Literate
Find Happiness
A simple concept
What will it be like?
Who Decides?
Is anyone thinking outside the box?
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