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No description

Idazle Ezkutu

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of JAVIER RUESCAS

Javier Ruescas is one of my favourite writers. He wrote eight books up to now, they are Play, Show, Live, Pulsaciones, Cuentos de Bereth 1: Encantamiento de Luna, Cuentos de Bereth 2: La maldición de Las Musas, Cuentos de Bereth 3: Los Versos del Destino and Tempus Fugit Ladrones de almas.
He's got a YouTube channel, so he is a Youtuber. He do a lot of videos to present some books or to say where is he.
YouTube channel
Like I said, hes a YouTuber. He do a lot of videos. This is one of the last videos he has upload:
It's about what he do in the channel. Sometimes he present to us (los supervivientes*) new books who he is writing and he say what day he will publish them. Other times,
presents books he has read and he liked to us, and we (not all times) read them. And finally, he do a lot of tags (book tags, friend tags...) whith his friends, who, a lot of them, are YouTubers too; they are JPelirrojo, RoEnLaRed, Rush Smith, Chusita Fashion Fever, El Coleccionista De Mundos...
The "supervivintes" are, the people who are followed to his channel. In all start of his videos he say: hi "supervivientes", and welcome to another video-blog if my channel, in Spanish,of course.
Last year he called us "blogolectores", but he doesn't like very much it, so he changes our name to "supervivientes"
He had born in Madrid in 1987 and he's graduate in journalism. He wrote eight books I said before. He is publisher too. He is also writer and one of the founders of the famous youth magazine www.Eltemplodelasmilpuertas.com. In 2013 he has selected as member for the Spanish hub of the Global Shapers, the biggest network of writers younger than 30 years old of the world created by World Economic Forum. If you want to now something more about him this is his web page: http://www.javierruescas.com
I read three of hes books: PLAY, SHOW and LIVE
I´m going to do a review of them
PLAY is the first novel of this trilogy.
It's about two brothers: Leo and Aaron
Serafin. Leo arrogant and wants to be
famous at all cost. Aaron is shy and
discret and he wants to recover his
girlfriend who won a competition and
converter in new Castorfa for a movie
and he can't speak to her.
One day looking his brother's computer, he discover his brother's music talent; he composed very good songs and Leo without thinking about the consequences decided to upload
his brother's song to internet. In some days it's a crazy thing and a lot of things happen...
Author: Javier Ruescas
Editorial: Montena
Published data: 4th Octuber 2012
Pages: 512
SHOW is the second novel of this
trilogy. When the true of Play
Serafin comes to light, Leo
returns to Spain and does all
of castings can does unsuccessful.
Aaron stays in New York trying to
take control of a life that doesn´t want.
The arrival of a new girl in Develstar -Zoe, a very good violinist- returns the illusion to Aaron's life; but her appearance
isn´t casual, because Develstar wants to do a reality show with a lot of old Develstar stars, they are going to do all to have aaron in the program.

author: javier ruescas
Publisher data:9th may 2014
after their american adventure, Leo and
Aaron restart their career in Spain:
Aaron is a music star pester by fans and
paparazzi; and Leo tries to success as
ACTOR. IN THE END, LIFE away from Develstar
not as easy as expected...
ícaro is going to be their savior, with a
free trip around Europe, they only have to
must worry about carry a passenger.

Starts a road trip full of improvised music
and conversations in witch secrets and
confessions seal friendships and awake new
and old loves. In the end the important is
liven the life, and live it with intensity.
author:Javier ruescas
Publisher data:march 2014
their book trailer
Because is a music book it have some songs like
play, ilu... some are from the book and others
are from electric nana, javier ruescas' friend.
Here are some of them:
if you want to now more about this trilogy,
you must go to http://www.playlanovela.com/
thanks for watching :)
by Nahia Estébanez 1B
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