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Cloud Computing

How cloud computing is best

siddhesh kabe

on 30 July 2010

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Transcript of Cloud Computing

Clash on the Clouds
By Siddhesh Kabe
What it?
Cloud Computing, huh
Cloud Computing is Internet-based computing

Traditional Approach
Before the Big Bang of Cloud Computing,
how the stone age world lived and performed.

To build a simple enterprise application
like HRM, CRM you need to
Buy costly servers
Install workstations and
connect them to servers
Make a tangable mess of wires
Buy costly software and keep track of licenses
No flexibility
Get chained to workstations
In Summary: A mess!!!
And then
there was the Big Bang!!
One Login
Internet Access
A internet access!!!!
And alll well!!!
Stay Awake
Its a REVOLUTION and its HAPPENING now!!!
6 reasons why Cloud based solutions
Reduced Cost
No more need to spend
on costly hardware
No need to hire large staff to
manage hardware
You pay incrementally,
whenever you need
and thus save
Good choice during RECESSION!!!
Increased Storage
Organizations store
data on multiple servers
You can purchase more space
which is 10 times less than
cost to buy your own server
With a good vendor your
data storage is unlimited
Highly Automated
Dedicated staff
managing your servers
Strong and robust
distributed systems to
protect data
A cloud solution is
good for small
As well as a large organization
Available on Mobile devices
As well as from anywhere
on the globe with net connection
Who wants to sit on the desk NOWADAYS?
Worry about business
not hardware
With no worries about hardware,
you can work wonders on logic
You are good in your business,
let others worry about your IT
A thousand monkeys hitting keys at random on thousand typewriter
keyboard will almost surely type a given text, such
as the complete works of William Shakespeare,
unfortunately this isn't true for INTERNET.
The Cloud Computing Pyramid
Applications on cloud
Many restriction on the services
Predesigned applications
Sometimes free; easy to use; lots of different offerings; easy to access; good consumer adoption; proven business models

You can only use the application as far as what it is designed for; no control or knowledge of underlying technology
Software as the service
Platform as a service
Cloud Platforms
The middle layer of the Cloud Computing Pyramid allows developers to build applications to run on the platform provider's infrastructure. This frees the developers from concerns about environment configuration and infrastructure scaling, but offers limited control.
Rich platform to develop applications
Tested infrastructure
API Libraries
Infrastructure as a service
Cloud Infrastructure
Full freedom to developers
Freedom from
maintaining servers
Sometimes costly that others
Difficult for
developers to develop
Open Social also a
part of this layer
Cloud Computing!!!
But then, how it?
You choose vendors to host your apps
No longer your headache
Cloud Computing rocks!
Issues in cloud computing
A presentation on Cloud Computing
Private Cloud
Its your way or no way
Safe and Secure data
Easily Scalable Technology
Easy to use and setup
Most safest technology
Go-live faster than
making coffee
Data remains with you
Public Cloud
The power of universe at your disposal
You made your point
Whats more in cloud?
Easy and inexpensive set-up
because hardware, application and bandwidth costs are covered by the provider.
Scalability to meet needs.
No wasted resources
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), IBM's Blue Cloud, Sun Cloud, Google AppEngine and Windows Azure Services Platform.
Hybrid Cloud
You get the best of both worlds
Scalability and cost-effectiveness
Most Secure
Protected by Firewall
Mix and Match
is an interconnected global "cloud of clouds"
Global Appeal
Only 5 computers theory
Complete automation
Just a theory yet
Not all things are good
Can you let someone else handle your data?
Who owns the data in cloud?
Availability and Performance
Who is accountable for server downtime.
Data Privacy
Ownership of code and data. When the receivers padlock the provider's doors,
how do you get your data and code back?
Presented by Siddhesh Kabe
@: abc@siddhesh.xyz
Web: http://sforce.ninja
Twitter: @sforceNinja
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